Nightblade talent calculator, you can find bellow, will help you find the best build to match your playstyle as this, mostly, DPS class. Nightblade is the only class that has a vanish skill that lets you get out of sticky situation or prepare your most devastating attacks. Assassination Nightblades will be all about dealing damage (or buffing themselves to do the most damage). Shadow is the skill line you want to follow if you want to get utility abilities that will make you vanish and do the most damage while surprising your enemies. Siphoning is more about DOTs and leaching health. Great for weakening mobs while staying alive. Whether you use a bow, daggers or other means of dealing damage to your enemies, Nightblade’s skill will help you dispose of them the fastest. Pick and choose skills bellow and save them so others can see your preferred playstyle.

ESO Nightblade Skill Calculator has been updated with ESO: Morrowind PTS 3.0 data. We will be update it with new data DLC release draws closer. Be warned that this data is from the beta server and may differ from the live version. We will update it with new data at that time.

ESO Morrowind update: Nightblade Skill Calculator has been updated with 3.0.5 live server data introducing all the changes that the expansion brought. Make sure you update your builds accordingly.




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9 thoughts on “Nightblade

      1. Jtesta

        150 magicka for a single rotation is a bit much, but you’re looking to kill quickly with this so you shouldn’t need much more than 1.

  1. skalgre

    A solod duelist spec, with some options of self healing and sneak killing. Any thoughts would be appreciated

  2. Kenix

    This build is just awful. Almost no use of any stamina based abilities, and complete reliance on magicka based attacks. As someone stated, this build is useful if you want to a mob down quickly, but try to run this in a dungeon, or a fight that last more than 10 seconds, and you will end up chaining auto attacks, waiting for magicka to regen.


    After extensive PvP experience I have found as an NB its better to choose a play style and go all out. I found bow to be relatively useless, its DPS sucked and I could range just as well with life leech and throwing dagger, plus it detracted from my ability to max out my DPS and go into melee. Depending on your play-style my goal was the max melee DPS.

    I like the idea of going for pure melee DPS. A good combo is duel wield and one handed/shield. I had the most fun with that combo.

    I use duel wield to do damage and one-handed/shield as my buffing/stun/retreat bar. This is after the instant weapon switch. As an NB you need to always have a heal running from siphon seal so I like it being on my fighting bar. Furthermore I like having at least one stamina attack on my attack bar and throwing dagger is badass, plus it snares.

    Bar 1.
    1. Impale 2. Ambush 3. Surprise Attack 4. Throwing Dagger 5. Siphon Soul
    Bar 2
    1. Power Slam 2. Crippling Slash 3. Mark Target or Evasion or Defensive Posture 4. Evasion or Immovable 5. Shadowy Disguise

    Bar 2 is pretty flexible. One downside is having two snares (throwing dagger and crippling). Crippling slash has immobilize. You can substitute caltrops in place of crippling slash if you are in a large group and alter the other bars accordingly. I like to be able to fight in large organized group fights. Immovable is a nessecity there and just nice to have in general. Defensive posture rocks when used right. Evasion is ok but more for melee, a lot of people say its useless. Marked target isn’t a requirement if youre in large group fights moving from target to target and it is dangerous when going after high DPS casters.


      Forgot to say. Using 1 handed and shield allows you to have a defensive set bonus as well and it confuses the crap out of people. When youre out of magicka you still pack a punch as well.

  4. Kotaro Atani

    with the Nightblade abilities going to Stamina morphs now, you should pick either Magicka or Stamina to go with, I run a heavy Stamina Hybrid, I do stack some Magicka, but that is only so I can use the few remaining abilities that still use magicka as much as I need them.. for example Dark Cloak is the best for PvP so you can get into cloak and escape (if needed) since it removes Dot’s (damage over time) that are cast on you..

    A good build for a Stamina build is like,

    weapon swap one (pick your weapon)
    1. Surprise Attack (stamina morph) [main damage and debuff of armor to the enemy)
    2. Free slot for weapon (uses stamina)
    3. Ambush (stamina morph) [or some other gap closer, or could be used as a free slot)
    4. Dark Cloak (magicka) [your escape and used with surprise attack will cause a stun to the enemy]
    5. Killers Blade (stamina morph) [execute after 24%]
    U. either a Deathstroke morph and use it frequently or Flawless dawnbreaker for the extra 8% weapon damage it gives.

    weapon swap two (pick your weapon)
    1. Reapers Mark or Piercing Mark (magicka) [only effects the enemy now 🙂 ]
    2. Free slot for weapon (uses stamina)
    3. Free slot for weapon or class ability (your choice)
    4. Some sort of Heal, Vigor (if you can get it, it will be moving to Alliance skill rank 5 sometime after console drops after the 6/9/15), Rally for 2H or Strife/funnel health/swallow soul or Blood craze for DW. (stamina or magicka)
    5. Mass Hysteria (magicka) [best Nightblade CC in the game]
    U. your choice but a survival Ultimate like Soul Tether or Veil of Blades is really good.

    These are the kinda best for a Nightblade or something close to this. You will use your Stamina more and your Magicka is for your escape or tools/utility.


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