Bellow you will find the ESO Sorcerer talent calculator tool. Sorcerer is a ranged magic user that can go for DPS, crowd control or summoning daedric minions to fight for you. You will most likely want to increase your magicka pool and go for light armor because it provides magicka regeneration bonuses. Using the skill calculator tool bellow you can try and find other ways to build your Sorcerer. The point is to have your build match your play style. If you are more about pure damage dealing you might go for Storm Calling. If you feel that you need something to soak up the damage – get those daedric minions via Daedric Summoning. You miss stuns in PvP? Try Dark Magic. Whatever your skill path is make sure you save it bellow and share it with the world.

ESO Sorcerer skill calculator has been updated with Morrowind PTS 3.0 data. This will help you plan out new builds for ESO: Morrowind DLC. Take note that all of the data comes from the beta server and may change as we get closer to the release on live. We’ll make sure to update the talent calculator with new data as it becomes available, and you try and update your build accordingly.

Morrowind Update: ESO Sorcerer skill calculator has been updated with Morrowind live server 3.0.5 data.




Champion Points


The Steed

The Lady

The Lord


The Shadow

The Lover

The Tower


The Apprentice

The Atronach

The Ritual



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5 thoughts on “Sorcerer

  1. Maya

    Thats was my bread and butter build too pretty much till about level 30. i had boundless storm to escape if needed and just to make questing faster. It tweaks well too at higher levels by replacing a skill here or there.

  2. gurahamu

    Seems to be an issue with character attributes. I am unable to add more than 49 points even though in game I so far have 51

  3. gurahamu

    In addition to my other comment, the data on this page is horribly wrong and incomplete. I am unable to morph soul magic abilities listed on here despite I have morphed them in game, and the damage values are wrong.


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