ESO Public Dungeon Basics

TESO Public Dungeons
Mass PvE battles are one of the core elements of MMORPG titles and one gameplay element that truly differentiates this genre from others. To conquer Public Dungeons in TESO you will need a team that will play together in an effort to kill enemies and bosses, while getting high rewards in return.

Public dungeon locations

To find a Public dungeon, players will have to explore the map, and when they come close enough, dungeon will be marked on the map as a torch. Public dungeons are open to everyone, even to the solo players, despite the fact that they are intended for bigger groups of players. Single player can enter dungeons and defeat some low level mobs, but every kill will be significant challenge.

Dungeon Mechanics

Inside a dungeon, there will be a lot of different enemies, usually gathered in groups of three and up to five or six foes. Each dungeon also has big and mini bosses that are extremely hard to beat on your own. On the other hand, even when exploring a dungeon as a group things won’t get much easier. It’s crucial for players to understand they will have to act as a team, syncing attacks against foes.
TESO has a specific system which alerts all nearby AI opponents, letting them know players entered their domain. They will know there’s a battle going on in a nearby surrounding area, and they will attack immediately in an effort to aid their comrades.
Artificial Intelligence in TESO is set in such manner that enemies will have better logic, much different to other MMOs. Except for attacking you right away, enemies will often interact with each other, launching connected attacks, which can be really tricky to avoid. This usually results in foes performing well coordinated attacks, with the best possible use of skills available to them.
Throughout dungeons players will also run into traps that can be both nuisance and a huge danger. If you step in those traps, you will be immobilized for a set period of time, leaving you open for enemy attacks. During the long battles, players will have to pay attention on their surrounding also.
The harder the dungeons get, the better the loot will be, offering some real nice gear and additional stuff, so plan accordingly and develop good strategy with your team members. Dungeons will also have various NPC characters placed inside of them, that will have additional mini-stories to complete for some added bonuses.

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