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Monthly content will give you more

ESO subscription content
Bethesda’s VP of PR, Pete Hines, in an interview for Gamespot said that ESO subscription will give players substantial additions every month.

“We’re also very confident in our ability to support [the sub fee] with content. And not content of the magnitude of, it’s a new month, here’s a new sword or here’s a funny hat — but content that is real and significant and it feels like regular and consistent DLC releases.”

He also claims that ESO will be different from all other F2P MMORPG titles and that its $14.99 subscription will be well worth it to anyone willing to dive in the world of Tamriel.

Another TESO Beta coming this weekend

TESO Beta weekend
The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter page just announced another TESO beta, set for the upcoming weekend (starting on March 14). In a short tweet, they also promised another set of beta invites would be sent tomorrow.
You can find original post here.
So far, one Beta key worked for all future Beta tests, so it’s safe to assume that it will be the same this time. However, if you haven’t grabbed that beta key, keep checking you email tomorrow, for your best shot to try the game before it’s released and give your feedback to the development team.
NDA is officially lifted, so you can share your videos, screenshots and thoughts about TESO beta, too.

Crafting Guide

TESO crafting
Crafting nowadays is a common feature of an MMO game, but beauty of the crafting system implemented in TESO comes from the fact that it’s exactly what would you expect from an Elder Scrolls game which perfected this part of the gameplay. You’ll find materials to use in crafting professions throughout the world. In cities and other settlements, you’ll find crafting materials in barrels, crates, and other containers. Plants, minerals, mushrooms, and many other materials can be gathered in the wild. If you approach a harvestable resource, you can press “E” to gather it.
You can choose between six professions in TESO:

  • Alchemy – Collect plants, experiment with Reagents to create Potions
  • Blacksmithing – Collect ore, create Items using Metal Materials (Metal Weapons and Heavy Armor)
  • Clothing – Collect plants and hides, create Items using Cloth and Leather Materials (Light and Medium Armor)
  • Enchanting – Discover Runes and use them to create Glyphs which add enchantments to weapons, armor, and jewelry
  • Provisioning – Collect Recipes and use Ingredients to create Food and Drinks
  • Woodworking – Create Items using Wood Materials (bows, staffs, and shields)

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Separate ESO Subscription will be needed for each platform

ESO subscription
According to a response from Zenimax Online Studious to one TESO fan, multiple ESO Subscriptions will be required for all platforms the game is played on. The only exceptions are PC and Mac platforms which can share one account, but not at the same time.
Explaining this decision, the developer said:

In order to play The Elder Scrolls Online on both PC/Mac and console, players will need to have two separate accounts and subscriptions: one for PC/Mac and one for the console of their choice. Players can use both the PC and the Mac game clients on one account, but an account may only be logged in to one machine at a time. However, console megaservers are separated between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so players who want to play on both of those systems will need different accounts (and subscriptions) for each console.

This is the move that the most number of players won’t find surprising even though the decision isn’t too convenient for them.
Source: TamrielFoundry

ESO Ask Us Anything Pre-orders and Imperial Edition

TESO Ask Us Anything
Official The Elder Scrolls Online page was just updated with the new set of questions from players and answers from developers. They used the opportunity to remind players that they can send more questions through their social media channels or through email sent to and they might appear in some of the next AuA. We are bringing you the full ESO Ask Us Anything article published on ESO official page.
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