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Another TESO Beta coming this weekend

TESO Beta weekend
The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter page just announced another TESO beta, set for the upcoming weekend (starting on March 14). In a short tweet, they also promised another set of beta invites would be sent tomorrow.
You can find original post here.
So far, one Beta key worked for all future Beta tests, so it’s safe to assume that it will be the same this time. However, if you haven’t grabbed that beta key, keep checking you email tomorrow, for your best shot to try the game before it’s released and give your feedback to the development team.
NDA is officially lifted, so you can share your videos, screenshots and thoughts about TESO beta, too.

New wave of invitations sent for Teso Beta

eso vanity pet monkeyToday, Bethesda sent another wave of invitations for TESO Beta Weekend, that starts on Friday, February 28, 12PM EDT to Sunday, March 2nd, 11:59PM EDT. The great news is that you can also invite a friend of your choosing to participated in the upcoming ESO Beta test.
Since the NDA is lifted, you can share your adventures, freely publish all your videos, screenshots and impressions online. All of you who have a chance to participate in this beta event, will be able to unlock an exclusive monkey vanity pet at launch.

New TESO beta invites

teso screenshot

Great news came from Bethesda as the developer announced that new set of beta invites were sent to selected group of registered email addresses.

The official The Elder Scrolls Online site said:

We’re greeting the new year with a round of beta invites. Check your registered email address to find out if you received one, and don’t forget to look in your spam folder just in case.

Even though release date is getting near it is also said that those unlucky ones still have the chance to get into beta before official launch of TESO.