Betnikh Treasure Map Locations Guide

Betnikh is the second tutorial land for Daggerfall Covenant players. Two Treasure Maps and additional Betnikh CE Treasure Map (which is available as a pre-purchase bonus) are hidden on this island. There are several ways to acquire a treasure map like a random loot from mobs, locked and unlocked chests, but the drop rate is very low. This trophy is not character bound item, and you can also buy it in a guild store.
Once you acquire a map, its location will become visible only to you and the treasure map sketch should give you a hint where to look for a buried treasure. The place where you should dig up the treasure chest is always covered with dirt mound.

Betnikh Treasure Map I

eso Betnikh Treasure Map I

  • On the small island near the west coast
  • In the middle of Eyearata island, in the northwest end of the island.
  • We would like to thank Masi and EllenP for additional information.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Betnikh Treasure Map II

eso Betnikh Treasure Map II

  • In the south part of the Betnikh map
  • Use Carved Hills Wayshrine and head south towards a small island.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Betnikh CE Treasure Map

  • In the central part of the Betnikh map
  • Use Stonetooth Wayshrine and head northwest towards the Main entrance to StoneTooth Crafting Stations. The hidden treasure is behind the large tree to the left of the gates

Screenshot Walkthrough

3 thoughts on “Betnikh Treasure Map Locations Guide

  1. Rune Fell

    The directions for the Betnikh Treasure Map CE were kind of confusing. A better description would be Stand outside the large wooden gates at the northwest side of town, and look on the other side of the large tree.

  2. Pissed-Off Poster

    Why not just say outside the “West Gate?!” There’s basically 3 gates: North, West & South. The treasure is on the right side of the tree on the right side of the path, just past the gate. It’s right next to a plant growing there. I was going to put the name of the plant, but some douche-bag harvested it as I was typing this, and when I went to look at the screen… it was gone!


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