A Bandit’s Heart Locations Achievement Guide

A Bandit's Heart Achievement

This achievement requires 1 skill point investment in Fighters Guild tree passive – Intimidate. Only then you can extort gold from NPC merchants located in almost every zone in Tamriel. Optional newbie zones, Coldharbour and Cyrodiil are not on the list. Those merchants are not to be mixed with wandering ones, because they have fixed positions and a horse standing beside them. There are several spawn locations on every map and they are always right next to a road, but NPC can be found only on one location and despawns after interaction. You can’t make a fortune out of this achievement though; sums are around 50-60 gold coins.

Golden Palms and Keeper of the Flame NPCs also spawn at those locations, thus, it’s possible, by relogging after you interact with the NPC, to camp there and get all three achievements done, but it’s not likely to happen often. On the other hand, using main roads (we’ve never encountered those NPCs next to dirt roads or forest paths) while searching for them, especially late night or early in the morning, will get you more success.

Daggerfall Covenant Bandit’s Heart Locations

Aldmeri Dominion Bandit’s Heart Locations

Ebonheart Pact Bandit’s Heart Locations

16 thoughts on “A Bandit’s Heart Locations Achievement Guide

  1. Travis W

    for Ebonheart Pact, he also appears outside Grotto, just up the hill. Sorry I don’t have a screen shot as I just stumbled across this looking for something else. He’ll be standing outside a tent just off the path leading toward the outside wayshrine.

  2. mo

    Is this not working for anyone else?

    I can find and intimidate the merchants, I receive the gold but no tick is granted in my achievement tracker…

  3. Dragonna

    I was having issues finding the Auridon merchant until I read these comments, she is located on the side of the road just under The Lover right next to a large rock.

    ” Prospero May 7, 2014 at 12:59 am

    Auridon: Near rock north of road, southwest of The Lover, central part of Auridon map.”

    ty Prospero for posting that I stood at the location on the map for hrs the other day waiting 🙂

  4. Cynthia

    I have the intimidate skill and am unable to extort any merchant that I find wandering is there anyone else having the same issue?

  5. znizzel

    more than half of the dominion is missing, im on ps4 so thats a bit frustrating cause i also have trouble finding the achievments on other maps :/


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