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A Bandit’s Heart Locations Achievement Guide

A Bandit's Heart Achievement

This achievement requires 1 skill point investment in Fighters Guild tree passive – Intimidate. Only then you can extort gold from NPC merchants located in almost every zone in Tamriel. Optional newbie zones, Coldharbour and Cyrodiil are not on the list. Those merchants are not to be mixed with wandering ones, because they have fixed positions and a horse standing beside them. There are several spawn locations on every map and they are always right next to a road, but NPC can be found only on one location and despawns after interaction. You can’t make a fortune out of this achievement though; sums are around 50-60 gold coins.
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Keeper of the Flame Locations Achievement Guide

Keeper of the Flame Achievement
Obviously, with this achievement, devs wanted you to feel like Prometheus. Well, you just have to light a fire between two NPCs, literally – not The Doors way , while they argue about it (typical human behavior, innit?). There are a few locations where they can spawn in every zone, except 1-5 zones, Coldharbour and Cyrodiil, all next to main roads. Also, they disappear 1-2 minutes after you interact with them. Those reasons make it really hard to complete this achievement, while many people are online and playing. The witching hour seems like the best option to find them, if you are not afraid.
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Golden Palms Locations Achievement Guide

Golden Palms Achievement
In order to complete this exploration achievement, you have to find a beggar NPC on every map (optional level 1-5 zones are excluded, Cyrodiil and Coldharbour as well). NPC can be male or female, wearing rags, with the follower icon above their head. There are multiple spawn locations on every map and all are beside roads with no hostiles near that point, but only one NPC can exist in one zone at any given time. Also, NPC despawns a few minutes after any interaction (logging out definitely does that) and that makes it even harder to find a beggar in peak hours.
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Creating ESO Skill Lines


Given the recent video on skill lines it is no wonder why everyone awaiting ESO is thinking out their player skills. Luckily the developers sensed our want and put out a new article all about the skill lines. It is focused mainly on the how and why of the skill line’s design, but there is still new info included in the article for those who look for it.

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Ask Us Anything: Gathering and Exploration

Recently the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online released a video talking about some of the different activities players will be able to engage in while exploring the land of Tamriel. The video raised a whole slew of questions, and some of those have been answered in this week’s “Ask Us Anything”.

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