How to become a Vampire in ESO

vampire quest start NPCYou have surely heard by now that you can become a Werewolf or Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online. Information on how exactly this is done is scarce. The following article will try and give detailed instructions on how to become a vampire along with maps of bloodfiend spawn locations and detailed explanations of pros and cons of becoming a blood sucking monster.

Becoming a Vampire


In order to become a vampire you need to contract a condition called Vampirism, which you get if you get bit by a Vampire. The trick is that not any old vampire bite will do the trick. There are Bloodfiends that spawn only at certain spots in certain zones that can give you this disease. They spawn in level 37-44 zones of each faction, which means they spawn in Bangkorai, the Rift and Reaper’s March. They only spawn at night at one of several spawn locations. Once killed they do not respawn until some other night. Some say they only spawn during a certain moon phase. It is rumored that this phase seems to last 1.5 real days, and the phase repeats every 8 days. I found one of their spawns in Bangkorai east of Pelin Graveyard POI (south of the city of Evermore) and I will mark two other rumored locations on the map bellow.

Once you contract Vampirism you should go to a nearby wayshrine where you’ll get to start the quest Scion of the Blood Matron. This is a level 38 quest that once completed grants you the Vampire skill line.

Alternative way of getting Vampirism

There is a passive skill you get in the Vampire skill line called Blood Ritual. This allows player that already has vampirism to spread it to other willing players once a week. This can be done only in front of the Vampire altar. After that you should be able to start the quest Blood Matron, at the ritual altar by clicking on the glowing scroll. Bellow is the image of the altar and its map location in Bangkorai. We hope to add other faction locations very soon.


Vampirism requires you to periodically feed. This means that you have to sneak behind a warm blooded creature (stay invisible by either sneaking, using a class ability or using the invisibility potion) and use the Feeding ability once prompted. If you fail to do so in a certain amount of time (30, 60, 90 minutes) you will get the next stage of vampirism. Each stage carries a debuff and lower magicka cost of vampire skills. Here are the stages and debuffs:

  • Stage 1 Vampirisim – You take 50% more damage from fire attacks. Feeding reduces you vampirisim stage, sneak up behind an enemy humanoid to feed on them.
  • Stage 2 Vampirisim – Your health regenerates 25% slower. You take 50% more damage from fire attacks. Your Vampirisim abilities cost 20% less health to cast. Feeding reduces you vampirisim stage, sneak up behind an enemy humanoid to feed on them.
  • Stage 3 Vampirisim – Your health regenerates 50% slower. You take 50% more damage from fire attacks. Your Vampirisim abilities cost 40% less health to cast. Feeding reduces you vampirisim stage, sneak up behind an enemy humanoid to feed on them.
  • Stage 4 Vampirisim – Your health regenerates 75% slower. You take 50% more damage from fire attacks. Your Vampirisim abilities cost 60% less health to cast. Feeding reduces you vampirisim stage, sneak up behind an enemy humanoid to feed on them.

Appearance of your character also changes as you progress through vampirism stages (paler complexion, red eyes). You are also susceptible to higher damage from fighter’s guild skills so in PvP players with the appropriate fighter’s guild passive can do ridiculous amount of damage to Vampires.


You can cure vampirism completely. You just need to visit the same NPC that started the Vampire quest and he will tell you that instead of going to the Vampire matron you can visit a priest of Arkay in a nearby town who will remove the disease for a price.

You can check out Vampire skills and their effects in our Skill Calculator In the WORLD skill line section. There are only two active spells and a super cool Ultimate. One active spell stuns the target and leeches their health while replenishing yours (as well as stamina) and the other makes you immune to control magic and gives 75% avoidance (at the cost of reduced incoming healing). I would be lying if I said that being a vampire isn’t super cool. There are drawbacks and for hardcore players this will probably not be an option (especially in PvP) but the coolness effect is so grand that I would recommend everyone checking it out at least once in their Elder Scrolls Online adventures.

38 thoughts on “How to become a Vampire in ESO

    1. Avitar

      Anyone had this issue? I’ve been bitten. After hitting C I can see vampirism (you’ve been bitten by a vampire) but when I go to alter I can’t see the scroll to get quest line.

      1. CallmeRoth

        you need first to get the quest from the npc before u go to the alter.
        it depennds on what alliance u are – in ebonheart i know its outside the north gate of riften

      2. Jeff

        I have vampirism by other player there is a timer on it why and I am not getting the quest to get to be a vampire help thanks

        1. CrazyGenius

          At the ritual altar click on the glowing scroll, and you will start the quest. When a player bites you, you don’t get the quest from NPC, but at the ritual altar.

  1. Shaldanin

    question. does player turning player require the new vampire to go through the lvl 42 quest in order to gain access to the skill tree?

  2. Filipe

    Can you actually be a Vampire, cure yourself, and at somepoint be one again? Or is it perm choices?

  3. Kenthusker

    You can become one, there is a skill like for them, and it has penalties and bonuses to being one. Same as werewolf.

    And there is a cure also.

  4. Dajanksta

    Very informative. I hope to see one for werewolfs soon since that’s what I’m looking for 😀

  5. Aleona

    Your link to the Skill Calculator at the end seems to currently go to the Nightblade skill calculator.

    1. Serge Post author

      You can click on the icons above the calculator to visit other classes and make builds for Templars, DK or Sorcerers. We just linked to Nightblade as an example of how you can choose Vampires skills. You can choose Vampire skills for other classes as well. It is not class dependent.

  6. Rythil

    If you can find another higher level, can a low level character go with that player to receive vampirism? Or will they have to get to a high level before they can receive it? Thanks.

  7. Kyle

    Awesome guide. I love TESO so much. And I’m so glad they added vampirism and lycanthropy in. I thought it would be like “Oh well it is an MMO, so like, we’re going to change everything and screw over everyone.” But they kept it ALL! It’s like they took the best of Oblivion and Skyrim, and made it into the most amazing MMORPG I’ve ever seen! This is the only game I would put away Skyrim for. It is so good. Best game ever along with Skyrim and Oblivion. And Fallout 3. And New Vegas. And Dishonored. I love Bethesda.

      1. Matt

        Such an articulate response, wrought with wit and depth. What a “tool” they truly must be for enjoying the games of a given developer, and expressing their adulation with exuberant fervor. I tip my hat to you, Victor. :rolleyes:

  8. Carmina

    The altar for Reaper’s March is behind a rock in the village of Moonbrook or what it’s called in the south east of Reaper’s March. You will be sent there eventually to pray, which will teleport you to a shrine and the quest area.

  9. MTemplar

    So after a spawn night yesterday NA Server (Easter Sunday) I looked at the spawn rates and where they spawned. It looks like they spawned from the bottom to the top (Reaper’s March) spawn locations. There was also one extra spawn location not listed on the map which was between the two bottom circles. The spawn location near Dune Wayshrine had two spawn waves of Bloodfiends of two NPCs for a total of four. The other locations were reported to have only had two each. This did come at the full moon phase. Also, it’s confirmed that you don’t have to kill them (please try not to kill them and actually just remove all your armor/weapons before going in) and they don’t even have to kill you but simply having them do their tell (red aoe mark on the ground) will infect you. If you want to be safe to ensure infection, try to have them kill you. You can punch them once to get their attention and have them kill you which will guarantee you a bite. This can be done at any level of course as we did have a lot of level 10 to 20 players there getting tagged. Thankfully the majority of players sitting near the Dune Wayshrine weren’t killing the fiends but further South there were reports of them being killed off.

  10. Carmina

    I got bitten at 20 and did the quest at 20. I am a Bosmer Nightblade, and the quest wasn’t a problem at all. The trick is to be an archer, and use the Scatter Shot or whatever blocking shot you have. Just target the guy, and when he comes close, use the special ability to get him away from you, once or maybe twice, and then just keep shooting. They die quite easily, if they don’t come close and hit you, no problem.
    You might use Siphoning to get some life back from them, but you should keep the Magicka up to be able to use that blocking shot or Shadow Cloak if you need to get away.
    Was really simple, took me about 10-15 minutes.

    1. MornaBaine

      So I’m a level 23 mage and i have seen other mages at my level that are vampires. But I have ZERO luck with completing the Blood Matron quest! Any tips??? I really don’t want to wait til level 38! Thank you!

  11. Daddy's accident

    I got bit NW of Kawl’rha, by the graveyard. the road does a C on the map and it’s near center of the C. I helped 7 people find werewolves but haven’t seen a Blood fiend since?

    1. Victor Lazlo

      I’m pretty sure that “I helped 7 people find werewolves but haven’t seen a Blood fiend since?” is not actually a question.

  12. Josey Wales

    Shame on you! What could possibly have gone wrong in your life that would make you want to go around and kill blood fiends just so people trying to get a lovely disease not be able to. I understand that killing is part of the game and getting exp from blood fiends is an opportunity but I’m talking to the players that do it just to make it difficult for others. Maybe you’ll have a turn around and life won’t be so harsh on you and you’ll be able to get rid of whatever it is inside you that makes you not normal to the better part of the population.

    Good luck and maybe you’ll experience love one day…

  13. Macleod

    Does it have to be one of the Blood fiends at the mentioned spawns that bit you? As part of the AD I found some in Grahtwood, in the North West. They are all near a mine that has been turned into a vampire lair.

    1. Serge Post author

      Only those found in zones before Coldharbour can give you Vampirism and only spawning at night.

  14. victor

    i crafted a charactor specialy for the quest, finished it at lvl 10, took me 2 hours to get the 10 kills, kiting is a bitch

  15. malsenkon

    im only level 8 and i paid someone 5000g to bite me but theres NO way i can finish the quest right now, im already not very good at video games (i just want to me a vampire for roleplay purposes), but im kinda freaking out cause theres a countdown timer on my character screen????? do i really only have a week to do this, what happens when the timer gets to zero, do i have to get bitten again???

  16. Mrs. Dragon

    I have waited all night at one of the red circles on where the blood fiends are supposed to spawn, but all i get are the purple clouds that spawn dadra. Can anyone help me?

  17. Loopy

    Thank you for the guide. It was very informative and helped with all the steps of the process.

    I had no issues completing the quest as lvl 33 templar tank. You fight all mobs one on one, and there was no need to use my ultimate at any point.

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