Scion Of The Blood Matron


Blood Matron’s Crypt

Quest Text:
I’ve been bitten by a vampire and have the option of embracing the disease or being cured.

First objective:
I can either find Rahaja and become a vampire or look for a priest of Arkay for the cure.

  • Talk to Rahaja
  • Speak to Priest of Arkay
This is the quest that once finished grants the Vampire skill line. To get this quest you first need to get bitten by Bloodfiends that randomly spawn in one of several spawn locations in level 37-44 zones of each faction. Once bitten you will get Vampirism. NPC Vorundil was next to the Wayshrine closest to the main city in Bangkorai (I do not know his location in other faction zones) and he gives you the option to talk to Blood Matron and get Vampirism or find a priest of Arkay who will cure you of it. Click here to read our full guide on how to become a vampire for all the details about Vampirism in ESO.

Screenshot Walkthrough

You first have to find some Bloodfiends that spawn only at night (some say only during nights with a certain moon phase).

Bloodfiend spawn locations map in Bangkorai

Once you get bitten you immediately contract Vampirism

This will enable talking to NPC Vorundil and getting the quest to unlock the vampire skill line.

If you choose to get vampirism and not cure yourself go to the vampire shrine and talk to Rahaja

Next steps in the vampire quest are not complicated and do not warrant a full walkthrough. To avoid story spoilers we’ll just leave you with the screenshot of the Blood Matron above.

Once you complete the quest you will unlock the Vampire Skill line

If you want to cure yourself instead of going to Rahaja go to the nearby city and find a priest of Arkay.

He will remove the disease for a small fee and you can continue your character without thinking about feeding on people all the time.

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  1. Dan

    Also note that to take curing yourself of the disease will not take skill point out of the skill line. those point will be locked until repecing at the appropriate shrine


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