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ESO Stonefalls Skyshards Location Map


Watching lions swim to shore.

In the northeastern part of Stonefalls map, head to the north of The Harborage.

The skyshard is on a small hill, almost glued to the nearby rock mountain, what makes it visible from North side only. Just like its name says, it’s facing the nearby shore.


Near Bal Foyen’s gate.

In the Eastern part of Stonefalls map, head to the southeast of Davon’s Watch Wayshrine.

When you come to Stonefalls from Bal Foyen, turn left. Next to the south corner of a large stone gate that separates these two maps you can find the shard. Although this collectible is not well hidden, you can easily miss it, if you rush towards new quests and adventures.

Turn left when you approach the stone gate that separates two maps


Staging an attack on Arand.

Near the central part of Stonefalls, to the northwest of Fort Arand Wayshrine. Shard is located between Emberflint Mine – public dungeon (torch icon) and Mephala’s Nest – public dungeon (torch icon).

In the center of a small settlement you will come across “Staging an attack on Arand” skyshard. You will notice big green-white tents in the village. There are many enemies in the area, thus, be sure not to rush towards the collectible, if you are low level. Within this area can be completed the first part of “Suspicious Silence” quest, objective – Collect General 3 Serien’s Orders. You can grab this quest from Captain Hjolm, located on a road, just west from Arand Wayshrine.


A lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfur Pools.

In the central part of Stonefalls, just south of The Matron’s Clutch (two swords skull icon), between Hightide Hollow – public dungeon (torch icon) on the west and Dagger’s Point Invasion Camp (eye icon) on the east.

This collectible is on the platform edge, next to the statue of a lady, after which it was named. You can see a ship in the distance from this position. Another great place to take a screenshot or two, since the view from this spot is gorgeous.


Among mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith.

North of the crossroads that connect Lukiul Uxith (house icon), Heimlyn Keep (wrecked tower) and Hrogar’s Hold Wayshrine.

Skyshar is on a cliff edge. You can climb up from any direction, but the closest one (south side). Since the shard is on the upper level, you can easily pass it by if you don’t look up. There is a quest NPC called Chitakus nearby.


Among pools of fire, above Vivec’s Wayshrine.

Just south from the central part of Stonefalls map, or south of nearby Vivec’s Wayshrine.

You have to climb up the hill in order to reach it. It’s on a small piece of land in the lava pool. Don’t forget to grab a nearby “Galerion the Mystic” lorebook. It’s across from the skyshard, on ground, next to a dead body.


South on the Ashen Road, where lava flows.

In southwestern Stonefalls, in the Magmaflow Overlook area, to the south of Ashen Road. Wayshrine.

The skyshard is on the open area, on the edge close to lava. You can spot it from the distance without problem, since there are no obstacles that can block your view of the skyshard. Nearby enemies will attack you if you come too close to them. Keep that in mind before you start swimming through lava.


Tucked away, on a grotto’s mantel.

In western Stonefalls, inside the Fungal Grotto dungeon, west of Iliath Temple Wayshrine.

If you love PVE and Dungeons, you can’t miss this Skyshard while questing in Stonefalls. Right above the entrance to Dungeon: Fungal Grotto, you will see the skyshard. Something to do, while waiting for party members.


On a hillside behind a plantation.

In southwestern Stonefalls area, head towards southwestern part of Sathram Plantation and its Wayshrine.

Skyshard is behind a house, at the very edge of southwestern part of Stonefalls. In this area you can complete a couple of quests that rewards with fair amount of experience and loot level 13. This is a great area for leveling your skills, since you will come across a lot of creatures. Also, running towards the skyshard location without fighting any creature might be a challenge.


Left to rust beside ancient arms.

In the northeastern Stonefalls area, inside Inner Sea Armature – public dungeon (torch icon). You can enter the Iner Sea Armature public dungeon from northeast.

The skyshard inside the dungeon has had its location changed due to post-launch remodeling. It’s the same with all the shards within the Stonefalls solo dungeons. When you enter the Inner Sea Armature, keep to your right. The shard is in the corner of the northernmost room.


Used to strike flames underground.

Near the central part of Stonefalls map, inside Emberflint Mine – public dungeon (torch icon).

Head north from the Fort Arand Wayshrine. The entrance to Emberflint Mine is in the tunnel that leads the public dungeon. There are two ways you can use to enter the same tunnel, and both of them lead to the Emberflint Mine door.
Further into the dungeon, you’ll get to the first large room. Keep to your right and enter the tunnel on the same side (not left). This path will take you to the higher dungeon platform. At the end of it is the small bridge with the shard on it.

Tunnel entrances that lead toward Emberflint Mine door.

Emberflint Mine Door Map Location.


Listening to the Spinner’s whispers.

Central part of Stonefalls, inside Mephala’s Nest – public dungeon (torch icon), head to the east from Brothers of Strife Wayshrine.

In order to enter Mephala’s Nest, you have to find a cellar door that leads into it. The door is hidden on the round, stone platform. As you enter the dungeon, turn right and keep going in that direction. Inside the northernmost room is where you can find the shard. It is in the center of the room, next to a couple of enemies.

Mephala’s Nest Entrance Map Location.

On a plate, south from Boethiah’s Proving lorebook.


Where a fiery tide rises.

In the central part of Stonefalls area, inside Hightide Hollow – public dungeon (torch icon). Head to the east of Hrogar’s Hold Wayshrine.

Entrance to Hightide Hollow is to the east of the marked icon on the map. There is also Hjagir NPC quest mob that starts the quest “The Truth about Spiders”. As you explore the dungeon, you’ll come across the first bridge. The shard is just beside it, next to the lava and the dungeon walls. It is hard to miss, as the main (and only) mine path takes you to this point.


Found in soft dirt by daggers.

In western Stonefalls, just North of Davenas Farm (eye farm), East of The Lover Shrine, Northwest of Ashen Road Wayshrine, inside Softloam Cavern – public dungeon (torch icon).

If you are far away from this area, use teleport that takes you to the Ashen Road Waysrhine. It is the closest Wayshrine. From there head Northwest. Climb towards the top of a mountain. On the west side of the mountain top you can find the entrance to Softloam Cavern – public dungeon.
The dungeon’s main prize is found in the largest cave room. This is the one with the huge lava flow. If you rush toward this item, all the groups from the tunnels you have pulled will go back.

Heading North of Davenas Farm leads you to the public dungeon entrance.

Map Location of Softloam Cavern’s Entrance.

More accurate location of the collectible you are looking for.


Discovering a taste for madness.

In the western part of Stonefalls, inside the Sheogorath’s Tongue – public dungeon (torch icon). The entrance to the dungeon is east of Sathram Plantation Wayshrine.

Entrance to Sheogorath’s Tongue is just west of the marked location on our map. It is a wooden door that stands between two large rock columns.
There are three paths within this dungeon, that lead to the largest Sheogorath’s Tongue room. You’ll want to follow the path that takes you toward the northern part. The shard we are looking for is inside the room in the northern dungeon. Some enemy resistance is to be expected.

Sheogorath’s Tongue Entrance Map Location.


Drowned in the south by a clever bird.

In southeastern part of Stonefalls map, in Eastern Davon’s Watch, inside Crow’s Wood – public dungeon (torch icon).

Head to the eastern Davon’s Watch. Just south from the nearby dock, you will find a hidden cave entrance. Inside the cave find and use Strange Chest. Upon using it, a portal to Crow’s Wood appears. If for any reason you don’t see the strange chest surrounded with red light on the ground, or the portal itself, try logging off and on. once inside, jump into water on your left. Keep walking West. Collectible is almost on the edge of the map, behind a rock formation, in water.

Hidden cave entrance can be approached from the ground level, near water.

Head toward this Strange Chest and use it.

It reveals Crow’s Wood Portal. Use it to enter a public dungeon.

Jump into water and head southwest.

Something is well tucked behind a rock structure in water.

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  1. chris

    the number 14 dungeon mark for the skyshard is wrong it.s ne of where it is marked on map in the rounded part

  2. Anthony

    The number 11 skyshard located in Emberflint Mine has been removed from this location since update 1.5. Does anyone know where the devs moved it ?

  3. skuko

    number 13 is either bugged or i don’t know. it’s moved to the lave area with the bugs, but even though i took it and got the explorer achievement after killing the boss, i did not get credit for the skyshard, neither is it located where it’s uspposed to be…. 🙁

    1. SzR

      I’ve got all the Skyshards for Stonefalls but it won’t credit me with the fiery lava one and therefore I can’t get the completed Skyshard achievement. Any ideas anyone?

  4. Lord Zerap

    Number 13 and 14 are switched.

    So Found in soft dirt by daggers is Number 14

    and Where a fiery tide rises is number 13.

    hope this helps 🙂

  5. Dialdron

    Number 13 and number 14 are switched 13 is Where A Fiery Tide Rises and 14 is Found In Soft Dirt By Daggers

  6. Maelen Moon-Singer

    Number 3, Staging an Attack on Arand, can be done very easily by bypassing the camp and climbing the hill behind it. Then come back down over a long meadow and take the skyshard without being observed, and sneak off without any fuss.


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