Vvardenfell Treasure Map Locations – ESO Morrowind

Vvardenfell is the new area from the ESO Morrowind DLC. It is an interesting zone for finding treasure chests. One treasure drawing, for example, discloses that a chest is hidden close to a pool. Later on, I discovered this is actually a lava pool. After an hour of searching, I only figured this out because the foliage on the picture was all dried out and pointy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Vvardenfell treasure map locations, to help you find the dig spots shown on the photos.

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map 1 – Tree

ESO Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map 1

  • Southeast from Red Mountain
  • Northwest from the Halls of Fabrication trial, northeast from the Nchuleftingth wayshrine
  • I was rather lucky with this one. The clues you get from the photo are something that resembles a tower, Red Mountain and a dead tree. This is the same area where you can get the “On a Dwemer overhang, above a river of lava” skyshard.
  • If you look at the map of this area, you can spot the lava river. The exact spot where you can get the treasure chest is just northeast from a crossroad north from the lava river. The dried out tree is on a small hill, and the location is next to it.

Screenshot Walkthrough

VVardenfell CE Treasure Map 2 – Pond

TESO Vvardenfell Treasure Map II CE

  • Southeastern Vvardenfell
  • West from Erabenimsun Camp, southwest from Nchuleftingth (group dungeon), east from the Suran wayshrine.
  • Open the map and look for the small lava pools in this area. Head toward the southernmost one. This is the “pond” shown on the drawing. The tree with the strange rock is just northeast from it, and that’s where the treasure is.

Screenshot Walkthrough

VVardenfell CE Treasure Map 3 – Sanctuary

ESO Expansion Morrowind Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map 3

  • Western Vvardenfell
  • Just northeast from Aleft (area of interest), west from Nilthog’s Hollow, northwest from Balmora.
  • This is probably the easiest one to find, thanks to the wealth of information on the treasure picture. The structure placed on what seems like a small island, just next to the water, is actually the Aleft ruin. Once you are there, go to the northeastern tower and dig out the treasure at its bottom, close to the ruins.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 1 – Small Island

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 1 Photo ESO Morrowind

  • Southeastern Vvardenfell
  • West from Shipwreck Cove group boss and Tel Branora Wayshrine.
  • Between two groups of mushrooms, next to a rock with a runestone.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 2 – Scary Tower

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 2 Photo ESO Morrowind

  • Northeastern Vvardenfell
  • East from Vos settlement and Tel Mora Wayshrine.
  • This is a rather specific island. The sharp boulders and one large tree allow you to distinguish it from the similar islands in the area. The dig spot is on top of this small island, next to the bonfire.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 3 – Sunken Ship Island

Treasure Map 3 Vvardenfell Photo ESO Morrowind

  • Northwestern Vvardenfell
  • South from Gnisis, west from Veloth Ancestral Tomb
  • The sunken ship you can see on the treasure drawing is not next to the island -it is a bit farther away. If you come from the Veloth Ancestral Tomb you can see it clearly, as it is on the photo.
  • The dig spot is on the side of the island closest to the sunken ship, under a boulder with a mushroom on it.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 4 – Tentacle Mushroom

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 4 Photo ESO Morrowind

  • Southwest from Red Mountain
  • West from Suran Wayshrine, east from Balmora Wayshrine
  • North from Lake Amaya, there is a small T-shaped crossroad. Just a bit east from it, you’ll find a small boulder creating a shade. The dig spot is just next to it.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 5 – Sharp Hill

Treasure Vvardenfell Map 5 Photo ESO Morrowind

  • Northeast from Red Mountain
  • Almost in the center of the triangle formed by the Valley of the Wind Wayshrine, the Zergonipal crafting camp and the Forgotten Wastes public dungeon.
  • On top of a small hill with a tall tree, north from the road, overlooking the ruins.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Vvardenfell Treasure Map 6 – Sign Tunnel Path

ESO Morrowind Treasure Map 6 Vvardenfell Photo

  • Southeastern Vvardenfell
  • South from Nchuleftingth public dungeon, south from Erabenimsun Camp.
  • You can spot a path up the hill just south from the camp. At the start of it, you’ll spot the flag from the treasure picture without any doubt.
  • Follow the path and turn right after you go through the narrow tunnel. You’ll find the spot there on the ground, just before the next wide area.

Screenshot Walkthrough

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  1. Kelly

    I can get to the email pertaining to the discovery pack and it states that the maps are “attached” to the email, but I do not see a way to claim them unless I am missing something. And they do not appear any where in my inventory, nor do I see a place for miscellaneous items. Please help.

    1. Lokesh Post author

      This was confusing for me as well. The solution was simple, as you open the mail, at the bottom of the screen, there is a information about claiming its content. For PC it is a keyboard button “E” by default.


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