How to become a Werewolf in ESO

werewolfIn our previous guide we explained how to become a Vampire in ESO, and the following article will give you detailed instructions on how to become a Werewolf, along with maps of Werewolf spawn locations and detailed explanations of pros and cons of becoming this savage beast.
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UPDATE: We’ve added Exact the Rift locations and a video guide

Becoming a Werewolf


There are two ways of getting infected:

  1. Find rare monster spawns in Reaper’s March, Bangkorai, or The Rift.
    In order to become a werewolf you need to get Sanies Lupinus disease, which you get if you get hit by rare Warewolfs that spawn only at certain spots, in certain zones and at a certain time. They spawn in level 37-44 zones of each faction, which means they spawn in Bangkorai, the Rift and Reaper’s March. They only spawn at night, during the full moon (or so is rumored). Once you become infected you should go to a nearby wayshrine where you’ll get to start the quest Hircine’s Gift. This is a level 38 quest that once completed grants you the Werewolf skill line.
  2. You get infected by a fellow player.
    Your friend, who is already a werewolf, and has leveled the skill line enough to gain the passive “Bloodmoon” ability (you need lvl 6 in werewolf skill line), can transform you into werewolf only in front of the werewolf ritual site/shrine. After that you should be able to start the quest Hircine’s Gift, at the ritual shrine by clicking on the glowing scroll. “Bloodmoon” ability has a 7 day cool down. There are also people selling werewolf bites in these lands, but be careful because you can’t really tell if the person’s cooldown is available or not.

The relevant areas and the infection quest for gaining the skill line, are suitable for characters around or above level 38. You can get infected at any level, but your ability to complete the quest before level 38 will be pretty questionable, although there are reports of people finishing the quest as early as level 20.

Werewolf spawn locations

Werewolves and Vampires share the same spawn areas (not the same location) and depending on the moon phase one or the other will spawn. During the full moon werewolves will be out. It is rumored that this phase seems to last 1.5 real days, and the phase repeats every 8 days.

How to Cure Lycanthropy?

You can cure Lycanthropy. You just need to visit the same NPC that started the werewolf quest and she will tell you that instead of going to Hircine, you should visit NPC in a nearby town who will remove the disease for a price. It is important to know that if you ever decide to become a werewolf again you will not start as a brand new werewolf but you will continue from whatever level you reached in the werewolf skill line before you got cured.

Video Guide

Werewolf Skills & Abilities

After completing Hircine’s Gift quest, you’ll gain access to a special skill line, found under World Skills tab. The skills can be used while you are transformed into werewolf.

Werewolf TransformationUltimateTransforms you into a werewolf and causes nearby enemies to run in fear. Increases stamina, armor and run speed.
PounceActivePlayer leaps to target dealing physical damage and stunning off-balance targets.
RoarActiveUnleashes a beastly roar causes fear, disorientation and off-balance to 3 nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds, within 6 meters.
PursuitPassiveIncreases stamina by 10%.
Blood RagePassiveGenerates 2 Ultimate by taking damage in humanoid form.
DevourPassiveDevours humanoid corpses to earn more time in werewolf form.
BloodmoonPassiveAllows player to turn another player into a Werewolf once every 7 days by returning to the werewolf ritual site. Turned players earn the werewolf skill line.Players infrcted with vampirism cannot be turned.
Savage StrengthPassiveIncreases max stamina by 5% for each kill. effect stacks up to five times.
Call of the PackPassiveAllows allies to remain in werewolf form for 3% longer. Affects up to five targets and stacks up to five times.


Advantages & Disadvantages

  • The increase in stamina, armor, speed and attack damage are the main werewolf’s benefits. Morphed transformation makes these bonuses even better.
  • Transformation into a deadly beast is breathtaking.
  • You can be a member of Fighters Guild and also be a werewolf
  • You have a lot of roleplaying opportunities
  • Werewolves must transform to use special skills. Transforming into a werewolf requires your Ultimate slot and a lot of stamina
  • Werewolf’s biggest threat comes from members of the Fighters Guild, since their abilities apply extra effects to undead and Daedric creatures (and with a passive to werewolves as well).
  • As a werewolf you have a weakness to poison damage – 50% more poison damage taken, even when not in Werewolf form. Poison-based archers can quickly defeat you in PvP.
  • You get no bonuses while you’re in humanoid form
  • Choosing the Werewolf skill line is not a good choice for magicka based characters
  • Transformation into Werewolf can be your disadvantage in PvP battles, since it takes unreasonably long time, and makes you lose all your CC/healing/snaring abilities.

Known bugs

Before you decide to become a werewolf, you should read this post written by Ace_SiN. We listed just a few bugs, but it seams that werewolves need more polishing.

  • Werewolves are NOT affected by an allies buffs
  • Your ultimate bar will fill up, and then if you don’t continue killing things, after a very short time it will completely reset itself to 0
  • Your Ultimate bar will reset if you go into or out of a place that requires a load screen, during an npc conversation
  • Pounce can cause your character to get stuck in a kneeling position. The only way to fix it is by wasting a potion or some food.
  • Roar is unresponsive. In the middle of combat it takes about 2-3 seconds before you roar. This makes interrupting an opponents skills with it near impossible.

127 thoughts on “How to become a Werewolf in ESO

  1. Desdecardo

    If you get stuck in a kneel position hit your cursor key twice. For me its ” . ” That works for breaking that bug.

  2. Kanjuro

    Can i get infected as a Argonian? Because Argonian have Poison and Plaque Resistance. Would be nice to know, awesome Guide thou.

  3. Jacen

    If i choose to cure myself of Lycanthropy, will i get the skill point i invested in it back? or do i have to do a respec?

    1. Muzzy

      I doubt you’ll get all your skill points back. I say this because if you cure your lycanthropy, but then choose to go back to it, you start at the same level you were when you cured yourself of it. Thus the perks on the skill tree will remain. I reckon you’d have to get a respecification spell to get all of the skill points you distributed on the Werewolf tree back.

  4. Tollhouse

    Just got infected. Not a full moon, and not on the maps as listed above. Double werewolves, somewhat blackish. Just south of the Eastern Evermore waypoint in Bangkorai.

  5. Aidan

    Hey. The recommended level to become a wolf is 42, but I did it at level 12. The trick is to keep leaving the hunting grounds and reentering until you face the mammoth, and just keep hitting it from behind. It may take a few tries, but definitely worth it.

  6. reni

    You can get infected at any level. I got infected at lvl 9 from a friend and I could take the quest right away. The quest adapts to your level now and the boss you need to bring down were lvl 12 for me

  7. aimee chase

    I hear rumor that the monster spawns can be killed off so that new players can’t become a werewolf, anyone know if this is true I’ll be livid if I can’t become a werewolf, I have been waiting for this game release for months.

    1. kaitlyn laird

      Can you bite me please I have been trying to become a werewolf for a long time on this game and went to all the locations I need help

  8. Alonso

    There’s a werewolf spawning site near the Elden tree, does anyone knows if it works too? Just above the Root Sunder Ruins

  9. Andrew

    Been atacked several times under a full moon by werewolves without infection getting annoyed wtf its in the location Alonso mentioned zo spawns confirmed.

  10. Andrew

    Been atacked several times under a full moon by werewolves without infection getting annoyed wtf its in the location Alonso mentioned zo spawns confirmed.


  11. Justin

    Looking to become a werewolf, with no luck due to not being infected and players killing them off. Can someone already infected infect me please? On PS4.

  12. Roy Pierce

    Looking to become a werewolf without paying (gold does seem very pointless in this came to me) psn is TheBurningIce pm me if you are willing to infect for free. Been trying since the game game out.

  13. Leroy

    Lf werewolf bite any help would be appreciated (not much gold).
    my psn is kennG__g pm if you’re willing to help

  14. Garrett

    Hey does anyone know how often the game has nighttime? I’ve heard tales of it being live or real time with eastern standard? And does it really have to be a full moon? If someone wants to save me some headaches my PS4 names GarrettBONES message me, I gotta mic. I’ll pay with trades or money . Prefer trade

  15. Shlankytank

    Can someone please turn me into a wear wolf for free on ps4 please, thank you. Message me if you want to and btw I am in the aldmeri dominion.

    PSN- Shlankytank

  16. Sneezle

    Server: Europe
    Faction: Ebonheart Pact
    Xbox Gamer Tag: sneezle
    I need a werewolf bite so bad I could pay whoever is willing to bite me, I have been trying for days and didn’t think I would have to resort to asking others 🙁 please message me over xbox live again my GT is sneezle

    thank you in advance

  17. Alex baker

    Hey…I’m so desperate for the gift..any kind hearted souls out there able to give me the gift? EPICxReaperxXx ebonheart pact, Europe, level 31

  18. swanny

    its mostly spiteful kids in he spawn locations should report them really as theyre purposefully exploiting the area to stop people accessing a part of the game

  19. Atol

    Looking for werewolf bite, have tried since console release, spawns keep getting killed before I can get to them. Any help would be appreciated. Would prefer not to pay, can trade or craft up to level 46 light or medium armor in return. Thank you!
    Character name Atoli11, Aldmeri Dominion, NA server, PS4

  20. Zachy_B

    For the love of God somebody hook it up with a werewolf bite. Been sitting waiting with 100’s of other players at the spawns for days now. I would do the same for anyone else here.
    Psn : Zachy_B
    Server : North America
    Alliance : Daggerfall Covenant

    Funny, I think this is the first time in my life I actually wanted a disease. Message me on playstation, thanks.

  21. RisingPHOENIX63

    looking for werewolf bite.
    europe server
    ebonheart pact
    xbox gamertag: RisingPHOENIX63

    also anyone who is looking once i find one hopefully ill help out for free as well. best of luck

  22. BSK1LL3R

    NA server
    Aldmeri Domion
    PSN gamertag: BSK1LL3R

    If anyone is willing to bite me for free I would be really grateful. Just friend me on PSN & send me a message. Thank you.

  23. Jokes

    Can somebody please give me a bite, I bever wanted a disease so bad before lol if you can, message/add me

    Xbox one
    gt: jokerLrekoj
    european server

  24. TeikokuHeishi07

    Can someone give or sell me a Werewolf bite. Message me if you’re willing to on Xbox around 3-4pm Eastern time.

    Platform: Xbox One
    Gamertag: TeikokuHeishi07
    Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
    Server: North American

  25. Patric

    Hey looking to become a werewolf willing to pay hit me up ps4 North America sever dagger fall covenant plz hit me up psdiamond15

    1. adrian

      I did the vampire quest as a level 11 nightblade in the dominion, its not hard, you just use a bow and stay back

  26. Sean

    Looking for a werewolf bite. Just cured vampirism as got bored.

    Europe server xbox one

    Gamer tag: demonstrife1

    Aldmeri dominion reapers March werewolf shrine

    Will pay 5k after bite.

  27. Pyrkagias

    Looking for a werewolf bite and guild to join, if you feel like helping a noob out of the kindness of your heart, I’m on xbone NA server, gamertag is Pyrkagias. Shoot me a message if you feel like being benevolent.

  28. MNT250

    Looking for a bite, shoot me a message on XBL if anyone feeling generous reads this. If I have some extra gold at the time it’s yours or can buy some XBL $ or something for your trouble.

    Platform: Xbox One
    Gamertag: MNT250
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    Server: North American

  29. jesse fosdick

    Looking to get a bite united States severe Thumper42012 add me plz. Or willing to join a wolf guild and be a breeder

  30. David Garcia Fernandez

    Can a argonian become as werewolf as it can
    , can you bite me plz my ID isnt D1-R7-RMD and y play in europe server plz can you help me

  31. Natsu Garcia

    Can a argonian become as werewolf as it can, can you bite me plz my ID isnt D1-R7-RMD and y play in europe server plz can you help me

  32. ezekyle

    looking for a kind soul to give me wolf bite on ps4 i’m ebonheart
    name is ezeylerhand add me on psn plz

  33. AReallyNiceGuy32

    Im a kind hearted soul who has a werewolf bite to give away tomorrow at about 5pm mountain time on PS4. My psn is the same as the name here and im part of the Ebonheart Pact on the US server. Did i mention the bite is free?

    1. totoroghibli

      Are you still giving away the bite? I know someone who has been looking to get infected. He says he sent you a message but he wanted me to make sure because he really wants to be a werewolf.

  34. Chad

    I am a werewolf on Xbox one north America server and part of the Ebonhart pact. Waiting on cool down. We have a guild of nothing but werewolves xbl message me bohica3050. Should be able to get you turned fairly easy. Only ask you join our guild.

    1. Paul

      Hook me up on ESO Xbox one with a werewolf Bite? Apaullo12 is my gamertag. Tried to message you but couldnt get it to work

  35. Amber

    Hi, I’m a level 20 looking for a free bite. I am in the Aldmeri Dominion on PS4 and have been to Reapers March but can’t seem to ever be there on the full moon. If you’re willing to help me out please let me know. My PSN name is G1nG3rBr34Dg1Rl.

  36. Shefel

    Can someone give it to me I’m a level 8 I’m on Xbox one and my gt is SHEFEL E NEEPLE, message me on that if you can help thank you so much in advance

  37. Deacon Frost

    My werewolf line is almost at 6 I will turn one person each week for free. I am on ps4 on the European server and I play Dominion. If you meet those requirements you can add me and request a bite. Game tag is DeaconCielFrost.

  38. BloodyQuiver

    I got scammed out of 6k last night by ‘TheRealFury’ so if you’re messaged by him and he’s offering you a WW bite, tell him where to shove it. He’s a veteran level 2, may have increased over night, and is in the Daggerfall covenant on the European server. So watch yourselves. He seemed like a really nice guy and we spoke for a while over messages, and he didn’t mind waiting for me to come up with the gold ((took just under an hour blitzing cold harbour)) and then, we met at the Daggerfall bank, We traded and I gave the gold, and then he ran for it. I think he drank a potion or ate something to increase his speed before he ran, as even with my 20% improved speed horse, I couldn’t catch him.

    So moral of the story is, Don’t pay upfront and don’t trust anyone who messages you out of the blue, no matter how nice and trust your gut. A part of me honestly expected it to happen, I knew it would happen, but there was a small part of me that just told me that I couldn’t not trust everyone, and I went along with it. But on the bright side I went up a level to 46 whilst blitzing, So yay!

  39. Patches

    Hey, so I’m lvl 13 and want to play as a werewolf. If anyone would come bite me, that would be awesome. I’m on Xbox one, Aldmeri Dominion, North American server. Message me: Patches Fury. Thx!

  40. Djsteveasaurus

    Honestly willing to buy a bite because camping has been pointless. PS4 name djsteveasaurus please help. Desperate to be a werewolf.

  41. Kelsee

    Hey! Is anyone able to turn me?? I’m level 15 right now. I’m on ps4, psn is LadyLikeness and I’m on server Aldmeri Dominion. Would really appreciate it, or even to just have some people to play with on the game would be nice 🙂

  42. Giggle

    The Pros and Disadvantages need to be updated bad. It’s a lot different now such as poison only affect you in the form…

  43. Kylar2905

    Looking for someone to turn me into werewolf.
    sick of camping those spots, i’m on ps4, europe server, PSN = Kylar2905

  44. kc

    na, aldmeri dominion, gamertag is astropupp

    this is probably pointless, but i’d really like a werewolf bite. just friend/message me. not a ton of gold, but willing to pay after bitten.

  45. FL_Kracker

    I just leveled werewolf to be able to bite. I am on ps4 Europe server, ebonhart pact. Am in need of some gold. Message me on psn FL_Kracker.

  46. Fl1cky

    Can some one please help me become a werewolf ive been looking for almost a month to find a place where they spawn in.

    1. Thomas

      Go to ban korai if in dagger fall covenant, they only spawn in a full moon once every 7 days, I just got a full moon yesterday, have been waiting for weeks

  47. Thomas

    I have an easy way to become a werewolf if you are lower level

    1.get the werewolf quest
    2.turn in to a werewolf in hircines realm
    3.quit the quest
    4.kill the beast in human form
    5.go outside and on the actor a scroll will appear it to get the quest again
    7.go into the realm and the beast should still be dead
    8.sell werewolf bites for 1k

  48. Lee Ellis

    If anyone is looking to become a werewolf. My bite is on cool due to recently turning a friend, but if you don’t mind the wait I’ll happily turn you. Ebonheart Pact, Xbox one, European Server. Will check back regularly to see who’s interested. I’ll let you decide what to give in return and I am happy to give the bite first before receiving your choice.

    1. Luther

      Hey lee Ellis I have box one just got the game so pretty new let me know when u can but my gamer tag is NillaGorilla87 add me what’s ur gamer tag so we can work something out

    2. daemon

      This is exactly what I’m looking for. CrispyGalaxy18 is my gammertag. I’m not sure what ill give you in return I don’t have alot of gold but if your like i could give you 20k gold, but say 5k every 4 days or something

  49. Luther bright

    Got an Xbox one gamer tag is NillaGorilla87 want someone to bite me In ebonheart Lee Ellis add me and let me know what ur gamer tag is so we can work something out def interested!!!!

  50. PSN bst1313

    I did the vampire quest at level 10 actually I’m level 13 currently… it wasn’t very hard at all I just used the health drain ability repeatedly and only did one at a time while kiting of course…

  51. izzywolf99

    Xbox one, aldmeri dominion.
    I have lycanism, and i would like to be able to spread it. But, i do not know how to. I am a level 6 werewolf, and i have invested a skill point to Bloodmoon. Id like a small fee, but more importantly infomation such as where, when, and how to bite another player. My gamertag is izzywolf99. If you know how to do please send me a message n we can work something out. Thanks

  52. Psn: KarlyKat

    Offering werewolf bites for 10,000 gold. Message me on Psn. I’m making a list if you’re willing to wait. First come first serve.
    PlayStation 4
    Daggerfall Covenant
    (I’m an alpha wolf ;P)

  53. Cory

    Looking to become a werewolf add me and message me on xbox one
    Gamer tag: CORYMEADJR
    North America server aldmeri dominion.
    Please and thank you

  54. Jake

    Looking for a free bite on PS4 European server. Only a level 13 wood elf. Help would be much appreciated, PSN is Jake11517

  55. Dalton Yount

    Anybody willing to give me a bite? I’m pretty new (lol 21) so most likely I wouldn’t be able to pay for it right away, but am willing to exchange service such as mining or whatever would be helpful to you. This may be said a lot and most likely unbelievable, but I do like to role play in these games and take my offers and arrangements pretty seriously. Also looking to join a guild of anybody is interested in having another member.

    Xbox gamertag: Reaper919

  56. Amber r

    Ok I would like a werewolf bite and I have like up to 3k-4K to give for it if need be. I’m on Xbox one and my GT is Schmalosaurusre, American server ❤️ Thanks

  57. EquitisMortis

    You can change that to you have reports of a Level 10 completing it! Just finished with my level 10! Gamertag: Equitis Mortis. I recorded it as proof!

  58. chelsea Haysey

    Offering to bite people on ps4 free. Im daggerfall alliance. Message me if you want to be bitten.
    Psn – dundeechelsea

  59. Kevin

    Looking to be turned into a werewolf. I’m on PS4 North America Server. My psn is is IG88-A- (first letter is a capital i not a lowercase L :D) Otherwise you can just add me anyways so we can help each other look to be turned. I’m only level 23 Ebonheart and if I turn my first victim is a good friend I play with but after the cooldown then I can gladly turn someone.

  60. imzesok

    grahtwood, north, northeast a bit from the temple of the eight is another spawn location. the only problem is it’s rarely night in game, so it’s really anyone’s guess as to what phase the moon is in. it’s never there long enough to look at, lol.
    i’ve been camping this spawn for a couple of days.. i’m guessing the actual odds of getting the disease is like 1%. they respawn pretty reliably every 4-6 minutes or so. it’s a shrine to hircine, hard to miss. imz

  61. Werevampiwolf

    I just became a werewolf via friend bite and passed Hircine’s trial at like level 15, and I’m not very good sry this game yet, so it’s possible. You just have to find a friend to bite you.

  62. CakeFace7

    How to tell if the moon is full?? As in do you just look at it?? And which moon is it?? Masser ?? Secunda?? Both??

  63. Midnightstar

    I am in need of a bite. I have been trying to get bitten by one in game but I guess I’m just unlucky, it is 100% ok if nobody is able to bite me. I am on Xbo, NA servers and my gamertag is MidnightStar#217 please message me there, if ur able to bite me. I am kinda new I’m pretty sure I’m only a lvl 18 so I don’t rlly have much gold(probably only around 1000-2000), but I would be more then happy to give u all of my gold after the bite, we can work out an agreement through text


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