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  1. Sneezle

    Server: Europe
    Faction: Ebonheart Pact
    Xbox Gamer Tag: sneezle
    I need a werewolf bite so bad I could pay whoever is willing to bite me, I have been trying for days and didn’t think I would have to resort to asking others 🙁 please message me over xbox live again my GT is sneezle
    thank you in advance

  2. Josh Newsome

    i need a werewolf bite as well ive been looking for days.

    North America server


    i will pay you all of my gold which right now is 26,000 message me please

  3. Brad James

    Hey guys I am also in need of a werewolf bite!!! I am in the ebonheart pact and I play on the North American server. my gamertag is : oDEADP00Lo (zeroes in P00L)
    Please message me if you can help!!!


  4. Erick Jolomna

    Hey guys I need a werewolf bite, I’m with the Ebonheart Pact, North American on PS4, I’d really appreciate if you helped. I really want to become a werewolf but I have horrible luck with finding them in the wild so I’d really appreciate if you helped me out cx
    (My gamertag is EJ_Jolomna)

  5. Stephen

    Looking for werewolf bite. Xbox one, north american server, and I’m in the aldemeri dominion. Gamertag is FacialWarbear. Message me on Xbox live if you will.

  6. DestinySphinx27

    Looking for a friendly werewolf to give me a little nip
    Gamer Tag: DestinySphinx27
    Server: EU
    Faction: Ebonheart Pact

    any help would be appreciated Thanks

  7. TheWolfAmongUs

    Hey, I need a Werewolf bite for a friend.. Trying to get one for them but we can’t seem to get any to spawn. The max we’ll pay is 2k (I believe prices like 10k are just ridiculous) [EU SERVER][XBOX ONE][EBONHEART PACT]

    My gamertag is: “TigerTooth x” If anybody is able to~

  8. Farivar

    Would like a werewolf bite please willing to pay for ut
    Xbox one gamertag: All Color Gamer
    Europe server
    ebonheart pact

  9. Glenna

    Ebonheart, North America, PS4. Please PM me if you can help me become a werewolf: vvardencommander (two Vs instead of W)

  10. Ryan

    If anyone is looking to help out as well, PS4 North American Server, Ebonheart Pact
    gamertag: ryboflavin21
    Thanks and much appreciated

  11. Raddycent

    In need of a bite, would be greatly appreciated, I’m on ps4 Europe server, my tag is raddycent, add me please, Thanks.

  12. chris

    WTB werewolf bite European server, ebonheart pact alliance. Gamer-tag is ha1ryl33 add me or message me a price cheers.

  13. Kenzibray

    Looking for a werewolf bite. Willing pay gold. North American server. Ebonhart pact. Gamer tag : kenzibray

  14. Chase

    If anyone could give me a werewolf bite or vampire bite that would be sweet thanks 🙂 Ebonheart Psn Call-Me-Chase-

  15. Samir

    Hi i had been looking for a werewolf npc but after so many days trying well…any way I’m looking for some one how can helps me to become a we’re wolf .
    North America server
    Xbox one player
    Xbox gamer tag:SamirOsito
    Gamer tag: Samirosito

    1. Jaden

      Looking for a werewolf bite willing to pay psn username is. Jaden8158 north America server ebonheart pact

  16. athena

    If any nice werewolves would like to share my Gamer Tag is” Valkyriaeus.
    I’ve seriously played the whole game without it I can’t find a single werewolf

  17. Lollygag

    Go to the Werewolf shrine there are usually Werewolves there that hangout especially on the weekends and evenings and usually give it to you for FREE if you ask

  18. Derek

    Normally don’t post on forums but I’m really looking for a werewolf bite.

    NA server
    ebonheart pact
    Send me a message on PSN if you are willing to give me a bite since I probably won’t check this much. I’d be willing to pay a reasonable amount of gold for a bite

  19. Flash

    I need a bite too, I have 14,000 gold for anyone who will bite me
    NA server PS4
    Gamertag: Eobard_Thawne_
    Ebonheart Pact
    Message me on PSN if you’re interested

  20. Lyn

    Server: Europe
    Faction: Daggerfall
    Xbox Gt: NoMoreSanctuary

    My 2nd character is a lvl 8 werewolf only cuz I payed via crown store for it tho, if anyone want to be bitten , just give me a message and let me know, I think I have an idea as to where the site is.

  21. Lyn

    Oh don’t want gold or stuff, just want to help others. I know it sucks trying to look for werewolf NPCs and try to do it that way. Although trying to do it legit on first character :s

  22. Wareaglecry

    Can someone please bite me my username is Wareaglecry on ps4, ebonheart pact but I can’t fight werewolves because I’m a level 8

  23. Harrison

    I’d like someone to turn me as well if it’s possible. PS4 name: Kaynine78 Ebonheart American server.

  24. jacquelyn L

    I’m wanting the werewolf bite too.
    My PSN is Akirawolf332
    Please Add me and message me if you can help. Thank you! <3

  25. Decidueye2006

    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    I am looking for someone to bite me, I was trying to become a werewolf for weeks.


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