42 thoughts on “eso Reaper’s March vampire spawn locations

  1. Darren McFadden

    I got bit NW of Rawl’Kha, by the cemetery Follow the road west out of the city until it goes nort and forms a C shape. There is a cemetery there and I got bit outside the doorway(2 skeletons) there to the south about 20 feet. I have checked there when there were blood fiend sightings and they haven’t spawned, so it must be random.

  2. V1 Diziahh

    Hey if there’s any possible way of anyone biting me on Xbox because i’ve been looking for 6 days now and nothing is spawning and people are wanting gold, i don’t have any gold anymore because of a vampire that scammed me so yeh please infect me!? msg me my gt is V1 Diziahh


    i been trying to get infected in those area’s in the 1000 times i been there there was only 1 vampire spawn fought it but it diddnt infect me, hope to get infection and bite from a vampire soon since its a real pain to get on the xbox one version , if you feel like helping me , gamertag: stealth snakey

    1. Jasmine

      Did you ever get infected? If so would you do me a favor and add me to infect a friend of mine? It’d be a huge help!! He’s been trying forever.

  4. Dahilia

    Hey I’m a lvl 9 in the ebonheart pack. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could bite me or help me out with the quest. GT: RentedMedal64

  5. ICExz13

    I’ve been trying for like 3 days with no luck. I’m broke, but I’d be greatly appreciated if someone could turn me.

    altmeri dominion
    GT: ICExz13


    Can someone please bite me on xbox. I would really appreciate it 🙂
    Thanks heaps

    Shoot me a message
    Gamertag: A CR4ZY SQUIREL
    Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
    Xbox One

  7. Jesus

    So I’ve been hanging around the vampire spots and have had no luck. If anyone is willing to infect me that would be awesome. Xbox ald Dom, hfallenxangelc gamer tag. I’m not rich but I’m willing to help out in what ever way I can or mybe some high ore or dwarven ore will Sufice. Hope to hear back from some one.

  8. Stephen

    Hey guys i have been trying to become a vampire since launch with no luck im a lvl 41 high elf female eu sever in the aldmeri dominion
    ps4 name: solace2015 please give me a message

  9. pots15

    want a werewolf bite soo bad to aid daggerfall in cyrodil 😀 price irl please

  10. NAdira

    I’ve been on a lone wolf quest to become a vampire. Not an easy task for a level 9 but I made it to reaper’s march and awaiting for night fall at willowgrove way shrine. My plan are to stealth my way through as I made it this far untouched and fight one vampire in hopes to get bit. You are welcome to join me, I could use the help and team work makes the dream work.

    Xbox one gamertag Missjoker33

  11. sdohda

    Looking to buy a vampire bite from someone please! I’ll pay you 10K. I’m on NA servers, Aldmeri PS4. Thank you in advance!

    PSN: sdohda

  12. Marcus Dotson

    Been searching for a vampire ever since the beta came, can someone infect me, im willing to pay however much. Im currently on the ps4 so you can message me on either marzman4 or ArterialxNova (there both the same profile im just unsure which one pops up), im apart of the aldemeri dominion and im level 29(currently), so please help it’ll be well apreciated -_-

  13. Abdu

    Im broke and really want to be bitten if anyone could bite me it would be greatly appreciated. My Xbox one gamertag is OdysseusPluto. Msg me if you can

  14. Abdu Hissan

    I have been seaching for those stupid bloodfeinds for some time now. Can anyone infect me for free?

  15. Ryan Shelton

    Looking for someone to turn me. I’m on ps4 and the North American server. Please add me and message me if you can help. My gamer tag is x_commando_l

  16. Dave

    Been looking to get turned into a vamp forever, can anyone please infect me for 1000 gold? hit me up, on PSN panzeryeti thanks!

  17. Sarge

    Honestly if you have no luck in the NPC method, look in game for people that are vampires at the crafting areas..they are easy to spot 😛
    i met a guy and struck up a conversation…suffice to say when he’s lvl’d up and able to pass on vampirism he’s sending me a psn msg…and i’m trading a werewolf bite to his alternate toon…

  18. KittyKat2206

    Need to become a vampire to get the achievement. Anyone willing to bite me for some gold? Name your price and add me on xbox one, KittyKat2206

  19. Chase

    I’m still trying to get a bite. Please I’d love some help. Xbox one and gamer tag IntensWalrus. Lost all my coin to a scammer


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