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  1. B

    Im in need of a vamp bite on xbox one, im only lvl 13 so I dont have much to offer other than materials and a spot in my 50+ member guild but my gt is OGCxZELDAxF8 if anyone wants to help me out

  2. KoS EquiNoX

    Please message me if you can get me a bite. I’ve been trying to get a bite from vamps but people keep killing them.
    Gt is KoS EquiNoX
    Ebonhart Pact
    Lvl 32 Xbox One

    1. RockRhyme101074

      i need someone to bite me my xbox one gamer tag is RockRhyme101073 msg if you can bite me for free and i am in the ebonheart pack

  3. Bilzzabob

    I play on ps4 looking for a possible bite plz and thx. Trolls keep killing vamps on me. Gamertag Bilzzabob

  4. SalamanderDwzrd

    Unfortunately I too am in need of a vamp bite. Please message me if you are willing to help out. Xbone Gt: SalamanderDwzrd

  5. Christian Watson

    Would love a nibble I don’t have very much to offer but I would love to be a vamp…Xbox one…Spec 5 Ninja….if someone could help that would be amazing.

  6. Anduril

    Need a bite, ps4, name: molokai_cop, offering any who are willing – gold, guild spot(70+ members) , and high ranking position in guild.

  7. Kirock

    I need a bite I can’t offer anything but if someone is nice enough to hook me up message me my gamer tag is kirock thebrave I’m on the Xbox one btw

  8. Defcon Kappi

    I would like A vamp bite and will also join a vampire guild. Gamer tag xbox one NA server: Defcon Kappi

  9. sgt gonzales

    i could really use some help im in north american server trying to get a bite. i have some gold not to much but ill give any item i can to turn or join a gild if someone would bite me

  10. Marcus

    Can someone bite me please lvl 35 been looking for a while but everyone keeps killing them so we don’t get chance to get bitten, gamer tag is marusotts85 feel xbox1 please anyone !!

  11. SLaker74

    Looking to be bitten for free on xb one NA server gt is SLaker74 will even join vamp guild for bite msg me if you can do this for me

  12. Daeynira

    Looking for free bite if any one can help me out! Xbox One. Gamer tag is; DrawingAnt268.. Everyone I’ve asked has tried scamming.. Please someone help me 🙂

  13. Cassie

    Looking to for someone to bite me, I want to become a vampire my GT for the Xbox one NA server is AnimeNerd53, I’m in the rift right now by the abandoned camp

  14. KnowingArcher47

    Hey, we are looking to become a vampire on Xbox One. If someone can help us out, message KnowingArcher47 online, we are on every day and really would like some help in this matter. Thanks

  15. Thomas Carter

    Looking to become a vampire, xbox one. Wouldn’t mind a bite from a willing person will pay 15K gold if necessary! Gamer tag StrictlyDic86, send msg plz

  16. Luckydip

    Is someone able to bite me? i have many golds xD
    Sick of people camping the spawns to sell the bite,
    Xbone NA Server xXLuckydipXx

    Cheers! just message me

  17. Nagazach

    Could anyone give me a bite? I may be able to pay some! Not much though cause i am only level 24 😛 Xbox one GT: Spartankiller63

  18. Pamela

    Idk how old this website is, and if it will work, but i havent had any luck either and am looking to be a vampire, any one want to help me? Message me at K1rby87ph 🙂

  19. jay

    Everyone thats asking for a free bite….they sell for like 10k gold. Nobody has time to scroll through the massive list of GTs to give you all a bite, in a time frame that works for you. Find a guild.


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