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  1. ElderGamer1

    I have loved playing in the Elder Scrolls games for years now. I still enjoy Oblivion with Mods. I most love the “Lore” presented in the many storyline doing Quests or just adventuring the lands…But when I see selling Vampire bites for that quick Vamp fix I want to be sick. I know there are all kinds of Gamers and not everyone is “Lore” driven in the Elder Scrolls but ya know I just wanted to voice how I felt. I spoke with a Vampire a few levels ago but I was told to come back when I was a higher level due to the Vampire Quest being so challenging and the Guilds own special way to welcome a young Vampire so I am waiting because I just hate when I am too weak in level to handle my own fights…That’s it…Enjoy!


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