9 thoughts on “bangkorai-vampire-spawn-locations

  1. Thomas

    A player named “imjoshdixon” offers vampire bite’s but just takes your gold and runs away.
    Plz spread this warning

  2. Didaaa

    Theres a guy named XxRONY56xX and another named ctledyardman that “offer” vamp bites … but take your money and run. PLZ READ THIS ONE TOO!!!

  3. Maduk22

    Player named Spartem86 also takes money then teleports away, guy is a French lad that when I messaged him he started speaking in English then pretended he didn’t leading to him blocking me!!! RUNT !!!

  4. ranter

    Yea xbox 1 has guilds that will camp the locations kill the feinds so no one can get infected to they have to pay the guilds for a bite

  5. Dreycz

    Left side of glenumbra harborageis a rare creature spawn just go in and out of the harborage repeatedly until you get the creature you want.


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