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Enjoy A Good Roll In The Muck Skyshard

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Drakelowe Keep (to the southeast) and Blue Road Keep (to the northwest).

Skill point piece at this location is inside Muck Valley Cavern public dungeon. Path that leads toward the cave’s entrance starts from western side of a large lake nearby. You can notice wooden totems along the sides of this path. Bugs inside the cavern come rarely in groups of two. They are easy to defeat. Skyshard is inside the most southwestern cave room. Watch out for possible “Kerks Half-Ear” spawn location. This boss is extremely hard to defeat solo. Luckily for us , he patrolls and makes the collectible’s location safe for a few seconds (enough for you to grab it).

Find and enter Muck Valley Cavern.

Muck Valley Cavern entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of the public dungeon entrance location.

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