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Rushing Water In The Depths Skyshard

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Arrius Keep (to the west) and Farragut Keep (to the east).

This collectible is inside a public dungeon – Quickwater Cave. There is a small camp of enemies in front of the Quickwater Cave entrance. This camp is easily recognizable by a couple of wooden arches that you can usually see inside caves. There is a rather large wooden platform above the cave’s entrance. Dungeon itself is not that hard to solo through. Enemies come in groups of two. What makes it unique are Quickwater Caiman. These alligators hide silently in water ponds scattered around the cave. Some of them patrols the area as well. Keep in mind this fact before stepping into water with low health. Skyshard, we are after, is inside the first large room. This part of the cave is hidden by a waterfall.

Quickwater Cave entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of the public dungeon location.

Take the first turn in the cave, next to the waterfall.

… in order to grab theskyshard that is hidden inside.

Quickwater Cave’s collectible map location.

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