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Fractured By The Bloody Hand Skyshard

Southeastern Cyrodiil, between Drakelowe Keep (to the east) and Castle Alessia (to the west).

Another collectible hidden inside a public dungeon – Cracked Wood Cave. Before you reach Cracked Wood Cave you will have to go through a camp full of enemies. It is surrounded with rocks and it has one rather large tree at its center. This is one of those public dungeons that requires a lot of killing in order to reach the shard. This means that you need to fight your way to the northwestern part of cave. The last group that protects the collectible is tough to defeat. Bring your potions and other helpful abilities in order to survive the fight or have some friends along for a ride. At the end of this small cave room there is a fishing hole so you can go for some cave fishing for fun.

Be careful with the group that defends the skyshard. They are extremely dangerous.

Fishing Hole and the skill point in one place!

Cracked Wood Cave’s collectible map location.

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