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Cradled In A Ruined Temple Hall Skyshard

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Farragut Keep (to the northeast) and Blue Road Keep (to the southwest).

On of the skyshards that are hidden inside a cathedral looking building. This time we are talking about Cheydinhal POI. Stay on your toes here. This is an area with lots of hostile Imperial creatures and a lot them patrol the area. Cathedral, itself, is not that hard to find. It is the largest building in eastern Cheydinhal. Skill point piece we are after is just next to a stone sculpture inside the cathedral. This is the sculpture of a man sitting and holding a sword and a book, next to two blue fire stands.

Find this cathedral in eastern Cheydinhal.

In order to discover the collectible.

Eastern Cheydinhal cathedral map location.

Zoomed out map view of the collectible location.

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