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Alik’r Desert Lorebooks

5 thoughts on “Alik’r Desert Lorebooks

  1. Fisch

    I found the two missing lorebooks in Alik’r lore:
    Redguards, History and Heroes, V. 2 can be found at Leki’s Blade. The one copy I took was near a western entrance in a tent.
    Motalion Necropolis Report can be found at King’s Rest (Worldboss location) just behind one of those Lion-Statues.

  2. Mr. Keane

    The map that showed all of the books within Alik’r Desert has disappeared? I was using it earlier, but all of a sudden the map doesn’t appear to load anymore. Any idea why this is, and how it can be fixed?

    1. Serge Post author

      We had a few problems with map display a few days ago, but it should work now. Please refresh the page or clear cache than visit the page again.


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