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Tu’whacca’s Prayer Lorebook

Collection: Alik’r Desert Lore
Location(s): Alik’r Desert
Location Notes: Found in the area of Tu’whacca’s Throne in central Alik’r. You’ll probably come across this area as you do part of the main Alik’r quest – Tu’whacca’s Breath
Image walkthrough:

Loc 1: Inside Tu’whacca’s Throne POI on some crates in a corner.

Alik'r Desert map

Lorebook text

Tu’whacca, God of the Far Shores
We ask for your blessing and guidance
On this completed walkabout
May she appear before your throne
In virtue and strength
Lead her along the path of the stars
Show her the way
Prepare her for the life to come
As our honored ancestor
With her sword at her side

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