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The Cleansing Of The Fane Lorebook

Collection: Legends of Nirn
Location(s): Alik’r Desert, Eastmarch, Malabal Tor
Alik’r Desert
Location Notes: Lorebook is near Lost Caravan group enemy POI, southwest of Hatiha’s Camp POI, west of city of Bergama.
Image walkthrough:

Loc 1: Located southeast of Hatiha’s Camp POI the book can be found laying on some crates next to a stone pillar.

Loc 2: Found inside Lost Caravan group enemy POI, next to the group boss and his adds.

Alik'r Desert map

Location Notes: Can be found in the area around Ragnthar POI, northern Eastmarch.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – North-northwest of the Ragnthar cave entrance, just south of the road passing by. Lying on the ground at the base of a very big rock.

Loc.2 – Northeast of Ragnthar, south of the southernmost building in Lower Yorgrim. Lying on a stone, next to a wooden cart.

Eastmarch map

Malabal Tor
Location Notes: This lorebook is found in vicinity of Matthild’s Last Venture (area of interest POI), western Malabal Tor.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – On ground, close to water and nearby waterfall.

Loc.2 – On top of a wooden box, inside the bow shooting range.

Loc.3 – Behind a large tree stump with a bow practice target on.

Malabal Tor map

Lorebook text

The Chronicles of the Holy Brothers of Maruhk

Volume IV: The Cleansing of the Fane

[Editor’s Note: This is one of the few surviving fragments of the chronicle of this First Era sect of the Alessian Order. It seems to have been kept at their great monastic complex at Lake Canulus, which was razed during the War of Righteousness (1E 2321) and its archives destroyed or dispersed.

Note also that Alessian scribes of this time customarily dated events from the Apotheosis of Alessia (1E 266).]

Herein are recorded the events of the Year 127 of the Blessed Alessia.

In this year was the day darkened over all lands, and the sun was as if it were Masser, but three days old, and the stars about him at midday. This was on the fifth of First Seed. All who saw it were dismayed and said that a great event should come hereafter.

So it did, for that same year issued forth a great concourse of devils from the ancient Elven temple, Malada, such had not been seen since the days of King Belharza. These devils greatly afflicted the land such that no man could plow, or reap, or seed, and the people appealed to the brothers of Maruhk for succor.

And then Abbot Cosmas gathered all the brothers and led them to Malada, also known as the High Fane in the Elvish tongue, and came against it with holy fire, and the foul demons were destroyed, and many devilish relics and books found therein were burned. And the land had peace for many years.

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