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The Book Of Dawn And Dusk Lorebook

Collection: Poetry and Song
Location(s): Alik’r Desert, Eastmarch, Malabal Tor
Alik’r Desert
Location Notes: Close to Sep’s Spine Wayshrine and around Coldrock Diggings solo dungeon.
Image walkthrough:

Loc 2: Inside the largest room of Coldrock Diggings solo dungeon, in the southeast corner, up on top of some wooden scaffolding. There is a quest item right next to it.

Loc 3: Sout of Tava’s Blessing on some crates in a camp

Alik'r Desert map

Location Notes: Located in the area around Darkwater Crossing POI, southwestern Eastmarch.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Lorebook is on a wooden box at Darkwater Crossing POI, next to a building with tents and clothesline in its yard.

Loc.2 – Just south of Dragon’s Hallow (epic enemy site), on a small, round altar surrounded by three inscribed stones.

Eastmarch map

Malabal Tor
Location Notes: This lorebook is located in vicinity of Supplication House (area of interest POI), northern central Malabal Tor.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Find and enter Supplication House.

Loc.1 – Supplication House entrance map view.

Loc.1 – Just behind the first table inside.

Malabal Tor map

Lorebook text

The Book of Dawn and Dusk is a collections of sayings and aphorisms attributed variously to the Tribunals and to their saints and servants. Many of these sayings have become common cliches of everyday life in Morrowind. The following selection of slogans will illustrate many of the simplest notions of the Tribunal faithful.

Speak none but good of the Gods.

We can have no opinions about Truth.

Rumors flow from the House of Troubles.

Count only the happy hours.

No child has a sinner’s heart.

Let faith be your only law.

Fear of the fool is the beginning of wisdom.

Almsivi in every hour.

Walk always in the presence of your Lords.

Comfort is given, justice is taken.

Learn by serving.

From the heart, the light; from the head, the law.

Blessed Almsivi, Mercy, Mastery, Mystery.

Forge a keen Faith in the crucible of suffering.

Engrave upon thy eye the image of injustice.

Death does not diminish; the ghost gilds with glory.

Faith conquers all. Let us yield to Faith.

Better to suffer a wrong than to do one.

The heavens are in their glory, applaud!

Folly secures its power to harm.

Though forbidden to some, not to you.

Oh, how rarely wisdom rules our hearts!

Blessed are we who serve Almsivi.

Three mouths sing Mercy, Mastery, Mystery.

Gather no seed in the fields of Oblivion.

The Thrice-Sealed House withstands the Storm.

By Breath and Blood protect us all!

Can ghosts or justice change with time?

Consider your end, mortal!

Accept grace without limits.

Enter the rhapsody of the God-Poet.

Kneel before the Teacher’s chair.

Three Hands, three Hearts, three Eyes.

Keep no secret from your Judge’s scale.

Forge Darkness into Light.

Refuse neither brother nor ghost.

Blessed Almsivi, through birth, life, ghost.

From glowing ashes the Poet’s wrath shall shine.

If Vivec is for us, who can stand against us?

Fate, monstrous and empty, the whirling wheel of evil.

How black my heart, roasting fiercely?

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