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Rivenspire Lorebooks

This page shows all the lorebooks we were able to find in Rivenspire. They are sorted by Collection they belong to.
You can click on the lorebook name to see a full screenshot walkthrough for that book in this zone and all the other zones we found it in.
You can also click on the link “(Highlight map location)” to mark all the locations of that one lorebook on the big map above.

Rivenspire Lore

Dungeon Lore

Divines and Deities

Myths of the Mundus


Daedric Princes

Oblivion Lore

Tamriel History

6 thoughts on “Rivenspire Lorebooks

  1. zakthor

    j’ai trouvé le livre “invocation d’azura” catégorie “princes daedra”
    dans la grotte à droite de l’entrée du “dolmen de la lande d’ouestmarche”

  2. BurningLance

    found a lordsbook called Invocation of Azura for the Deadric Princes to the left of Sanguine Barrows Wayshrine next to a skeleton coprs with skeevers around it.

    its close to the road and easy to spot

  3. Sgraczyk

    I found the Darkest Darkness lore book inside the Shrouded Pass, behind some boxes right next to the room where you place the second portal for reinforcements to come through in the zone-quest: “Puzzle of the Pass.”


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