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Auridon Lorebooks

10 thoughts on “Auridon Lorebooks

  1. Rob

    There are 2 more lorebooks in Vulkhel Guard. One is next to the enchanting table in the Alchemy/Enchanting shop called something “vial” which is in the very south.

    The other is upstairs in the house west of the Stable in Vulkhel Guard

  2. Chuck Savage

    There’s one north of Tanzelwi wayshrine, just before T in road. There are two broken off pilars and a broken cart next to them. It is a Dwemer 1-A.

  3. Primogen

    I found another copy of The Rise of Queen Aryenn in the College of Aldmeri Propriety in the open door building on the west side of the area closest to the bridge on one of the tables.

  4. F7sus4

    Trials of St. Alessia can be ALSO found on the barrel (small wild camp) beneath Calambar Dolmen on the map. Exactly in the middle between Triumphs of a Monarch Ch.10 and The Lunar Lorkhan

  5. ron

    what about dungeon Mage skill up Lorebooks? i only found one dungeon mage book so far.
    it is in the banished cells called the binding stone.
    are there anymore dungeon mage books in Auridon?

    1. Dryness

      For Console some of the lore books don’t exist or will only have one Lorebook. I also got one Lore book from the Dungeon in Auridon


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