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Galerion The Mystic Lorebook

Collection: Biographies
Location(s): Auridon, Glenumbra, Stonefalls
Location Notes: Northeastern Auridon, East of Quendeluun POI Icon. You need to travel Northeast if coming via Quendeluun Wayshrine.
Image walkthrough:
Auridon map

Location Notes: It is found inside a tent, on the side of the road, on a road west and bellow Farwatch Wayshrine.
Image walkthrough:

If you are coming via Farwatch Wayshrine follow the road down and it will go around a bend and you will come across several Lion Guard tents.

Tent on the left, being guarded by Sir Hadir, is where you’ll find the lorebook.

Glenumbra map

Location Notes: Southwestern Central part of Stonefalls, South of a nearby Vivec’s Wayshrine.

Located on a higher ground area. You need to climb to it. You can find it on the ground, close to a dead body, with a shovel next to it. There is a a large pool of lava close by as well. It is close to "Among pools of fire, above Vivec’s Wayshrine" Skyshard.

Image walkthrough:

South from nearby Vivec’s Wayshrine.

Stonefalls map

Lorebook text

During the early bloody years of the Second Era, Vanus Galerion was born under the name Trechtus, a serf on the estate of a minor nobleman named Lord Gyrnasse of Sollicich-on-Ker. Trechtus’ father and mother were common laborers, but his father had secretly, against the law of Lord Gyrnasse, taught himself and Trechtus to read. Lord Gyrnasse had been advised that literate serfs were an abomination of nature and dangerous to themselves and their lords. All bookstalls within Sollicich-on-Ker had been closed. All booksellers, poets, and teachers were forbidden, except within Gyrnasse’s keep. Nevertheless, a small scale smuggling operation kept a number of books and scrolls in circulation under Gyrnasse’s shadow.

When Trechtus was eight, the smugglers were found and imprisoned. Some said that Trechtus’ mother, an ignorant and religious woman fearful of her husband, betrayed the smugglers, but there were other rumors as well. The trial of the smugglers was nonexistent, and the punishment swift. The body of Trechtus’ father was kept hanging for weeks during the hottest summer Sollicich-on-Ker had seen in centuries.

Three months later, Trechtus ran away from Lord Gyrnasse’s estate. He made it as far as Alinor, half-way across Summerset Isle. A band of troubadours found him nearly dead, curled up in a ditch by the side of the road. They nursed him to health and employed him as an errand boy in return for food and shelter. One of the troubadours, a soothsayer named Heliand, began testing Trechtus’ mind and found the boy, though shy, to be preternaturally intelligent and sophisticated, given his circumstances. Heliand recognized in the boy a commonality, for Heliand had been trained on the Isle of Artaeum as a mystic.

When the troupe was performing in the village of Potansa on the far eastern end of Summerset, Heliand took Trechtus, then a boy of eleven, to the Isle of Artaeum. The Magister of the Isle, Iachesis, recognized potential in Trechtus and took him on as pupil, giving him the name of Vanus Galerion. Vanus trained his mind on the Isle of Artaeum, as well as his body.

Thus was the first Archmagister of the Mages Guild trained. From the Psijics of the Isle of Artaeum, he received his training. From his childhood of want and injustice, he received his philosophy of sharing knowledge.

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