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ESO Auridon Treasure Map Guide

Auridon area hides six Treasure Maps and additional Auridon CE Treasure Map which is available as pre-purchase bonus. The most common ways to acquire maps are listed below:

  • random loot from mobs
  • random loot from locked / unlocked chests
  • you can buy them from a guild store

Once you acquire a map, its location will become visible only to you, but you have to figure out where it is, by using a treasure map sketch as a hint. This sketch is a similar replica of the area surrounding a spot where you should dig out a treasure chest. The place where the chest is hidden is always covered with dirt mound.

Auridon Treasure Map I

auridon treasure map 1

  • Southern part of Auridon map.
  • Maormer Invasion Camp area.
  • Just near a tall stone rock

Screenshot Walkthrough

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An Act Of Kindness

An Act of Kindness – Elder Scrolls Online quest found in Auridon. Guide contains image walkthrough and starting NPC location.In the ruins of Ezduiin, I found an enterprising researcher working with Telenger. She’s concerned about the recent appearance of the spirits. She seeks a way to lay them to rest.

Eye Of The Ancients

Starting location and full walkthrough for “Eye of the Ancients” ESO Quest found in Auridon.The Maormer struck Greenwater Cove, and now lay waste to the town. Auridon troops tried and failed to retake the area, and now await reinforcements before trying again. I’ve been tasked with reactivating an ancient Aldmeri device on the nearby cliffs.