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Corpses From Another Age Walk Here Skyshard

Inside the Wansalen solo dungeon in northeastern Auridon, north from the Quendeluun Wayshrine. In order to reach the area where the Quendeluun Ayleid Ruins POI is located, go north from the Quendeluun Wayshrine. There is a hidden tunnel that will take you to the Quendeluun Ruins area and the dungeon itself.

The shard is well hidden inside the dungeon. It is located within a flooded cave tunnel that connects two of the largest rooms. Inside this tunnel you should notice a small, hidden room, just beside the large metal door. The shard is inside this room.

It is found just north from the nearby Wayshrine.

The shard’s map location appears like it is inside the wrong tunnel. You want to aim for the flooded one.

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