Eye Of The Ancients



Quest Text:
The Maormer struck Greenwater Cove, and now lay waste to the town. Auridon troops tried and failed to retake the area, and now await reinforcements before trying again. I’ve been tasked with reactivating an ancient Aldmeri device on the nearby cliffs.

Part of:
Greenwater Cove Objective
First objective:
<<1>> may be the only person alive that knows how to activate the device. I need to find her.

  • Find <<1>>
Objective 1 : Talk to Scout Lorumel
Scout Lorumel is in a barn in eastern Greenwater Cove.

Objective 2: Get a Welkynd Stone from the Maormer Captain
Maormer Captain called Captain Parondo can be found on the ground floor of the largest house in Greenwater Cove. After you kill him, do not forget to pick up the Welkynd Stone that he drops.
Objective 3: Collect 2 Welkynd Stones
You can find one of them inside Marrayna’s Tap Room in western Greenwater Cove on a wooden desk, close to a warm fireplace. The other Welkynd Stone is on the second floor of Mage Fiirenir’s House in western Greenwater Cove, inside a Bookshelf (chest).

Objective 4: Place Welkynd Stones in SconcesThere are five locations on top of which you can place 3 shards. When you place them on the correct "Sconce" they start to shine. All three have to be placed in the correct location if you want to activate the next quest objective. If, for some reason, you make a mistake, simply remove the one that does not shine and place it on top of another free "Sconce" spot.
Objective 5: Use the Eye of the Ancients
There is an orange crystal inside Eye of the Ancients near the two boats, just under the platform where you have placed 3 crystals on "Sconces".Objective 6: Talk to Captain Cirenwe
Captain Cirenwe is now in western Greenwater Cove. On a road that leads to the same settlement.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Objective 3: Mage Fiirenir’s House Welkynd Stone.

Objective 4: The Correct Welkynd Stones placement.

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