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ESO Auridon Treasure Map Guide

Auridon area hides six Treasure Maps and additional Auridon CE Treasure Map which is available as pre-purchase bonus. The most common ways to acquire maps are listed below:

  • random loot from mobs
  • random loot from locked / unlocked chests
  • you can buy them from a guild store

Once you acquire a map, its location will become visible only to you, but you have to figure out where it is, by using a treasure map sketch as a hint. This sketch is a similar replica of the area surrounding a spot where you should dig out a treasure chest. The place where the chest is hidden is always covered with dirt mound.

Auridon Treasure Map I

auridon treasure map 1

  • Southern part of Auridon map.
  • Maormer Invasion Camp area.
  • Just near a tall stone rock

Screenshot Walkthrough

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