An Act Of Kindness



Quest Text:
In the ruins of Ezduiin, I found an enterprising researcher working with Telenger. She’s concerned about the recent appearance of the spirits. She seeks a way to lay them to rest.

Part of:
Ezduiin Objective
First objective:
<<1>> gave me a magical crystal. I need to engage the spirits of Ezduiin in combat, and then focus my will through the crystal. This should send them back to Aetherius.

  • Use Sirinque’s Crystal on Weakened Spirits
Quest giver NPC Sirinque can be found on the side of the road in eastern Ezduiin. She stands close to yellow rooftop tents.

Objective: Use Sirinque’s Crystal on Weakened Spirits
You can find these spirits all around Ezduiin. Bring them to low Health Pool and use the default interaction button.

Objective: Talk to the Spirit at the Ayleid Vault.
Quaronaldil Duure spirit you need to talk to is in Northwestern Ezduiin.Objective: Solve the Puzzle and Collect the Artifact.
Entrance to the vault where you should solve the puzzle is just north of Quaronaldil Duure.
Correct combination (at least it was for me) was: Mage, Thief, Warrior and The Serpent.

What if the combination given above is not true? There are stone pillars in the room and each has an image on its side. Look at the images and step on the pressure plates on the ground that have the same images. In-game quest Hints, that show up by default in the top right corner of the screen, will tell you three pressure plates you need to press so you only have to figure out the fourth. In short – 4 stone pillars with 4 different plate engraved markings, reflects 4 different solving puzzle solutions.

Objective: Watch Sirinque Lift the Curse
The last two steps happen outside of the puzzle vault.

Objective: Talk to Sirinque
You are awarded with an awesome quest prize at the end of a very interesting quest.

Screenshot Walkthrough

One of the spirits you can use your Sirinque’s Crystal on.

Quaronaldil Duure in northwestern Ezduiin.

Map location of Quaronaldil Duure and a nearby puzzle vault.

Pay attention to markings engraved on pillars’ plates.

Find the same markings on the ground, and activate them.

You’ve done it! Collect quest item – Ancient Spell-Lattice now.

The last two objectives happen in the same place.

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  1. Mike

    There are large pillars around the room that have non-activatable tiles on them that show the correct tiles to push.


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