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Oath Of A Dishonored Clan Lorebook

Collection: Coldharbour Lore
Location(s): Coldharbour
Location Notes: This lorebook is found in vicinity of The Reaver Citadel (tower POI), northern Coldharbour.

Note: In order to reach this part of map, you need to progress with main Coldharbour quest line.

Image walkthrough:
Coldharbour map

Lorebook text

By Lyranth

Resting never again until our purpose be achieved.

Ever watchful for an opportunity to repay the wrong.

Valkynaz Seris: We shall extract the fee for betrayal.

Even our duty to the Overkyn is transcended by this.

Never again to hear the name Foolkillers Clan: agony.

Generous will we be to those who aid our purpose:

Ending the false ascendance of the Deathbringer Clan.

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