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Proper-Life: Three Chants Lorebook

Collection: Poetry and Song
Location(s): Bangkorai, Reaper’s March
Image walkthrough:
Bangkorai map

Reaper’s March
Location Notes: This lorebook is located in vicinity of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine, northwestern Reaper’s March.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Just next a clothes drying rack and a extinguished campfire.

Reaper's March map

Lorebook text

(Marching songs of the Alessian Order)

The Archimonk’s Dream

To sleep, to dream, of Tamriel
Unsullied by Anui-El.
Man-ape, tell us.
Maruhk, guide us.

What child of Man could fail to be
In bliss if Nirn were Elven-free?
Man-ape, tell us.
Maruhk, guide us.

We willing march to heed your call,
Devoted, pious, one and all.
Man-ape, tell us.
Maruhk, guide us.

Your mandates we embrace.

The Song-Never-Sung-at-Twilight

That is not cruel which cures,
O faith, charity, rigor.
By faith true heart endures,
O hope, clarity, vigor.
Seventy-Seven shall guide us,
O praise, honor, and duty.
Alessia lives inside us,
And truth is one with beauty.

The Forty-Third Praise-Song of Alessia

My very inner organs swell
When I am called upon to tell
Of glory in expunging Taint
In honor of our blessed Saint
Alessia, all praise to her
Who freed Men from the hated Mer.
Thrice-bless’d are those who emulate
Her sanctified, uplifting hate.

This, this, never that.
This, this, never that.

2 thoughts on “Proper-Life: Three Chants Lorebook

  1. Frosty

    Proper Life: Three Chants found in Ebonheart!
    It is located in Nirmal ten in The Rift.
    Go to Riverside Inn, exit the top floor exit. It is on a table to your left. Can’t miss it.


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