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The Lusty Argonian Maid, Volume 1 Lorebook

Collection: Literature
Location(s): Bangkorai, Reaper’s March
Location Notes: This lorebook is located in western Bangkorai. In vicinity of Nilata Ruins (Ayleid Ruins POI).
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – On ground, next to a tall rock, brown backpack, sword.

Loc.2 – On a wooden box, next to a large boulder, wheelbarrow, sack …

Loc.3 – On ground, next to couple of sacks, and Spider Victim. Objective of a quest To Aid The Enemy .

Bangkorai map

Reaper’s March
Location Notes: This lorebook is located in vicinity of Claw’s Strike – public dungeon, southeastern Reaper’s March.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Just bellow a bridge of main road that takes you to nearby public dungeon. Next to skyshard “Camped on the way to Claw’s Strike”.

Loc.2 – Close to an entrance to Claw’s Strike. On ground, close to ruined part of a wall, next to a skeleton, greenish sack, brown backpack …

Reaper's March map

Lorebook text

(a fragment)

– Act IV, Scene III, Continued –

Lifts-Her-Tail: Certainly not, kind sir! I am here but to clean your chambers.

Crantius Colto: Is that all you have come here for, little one? My chambers?

Lifts-Her-Tail: I have no idea what it is you imply, master. I am but a poor Argonian maid.

Crantius Colto: So you are, my dumpling. And a good one at that. Such strong legs and shapely tail.

Lifts-Her-Tail: You embarrass me, sir!

Crantius Colto: Fear not. You are safe here with me.

Lifts-Her-Tail: I must finish my cleaning, sir. The mistress will have my head if I do not!

Crantius Colto: Cleaning, eh? I have something for you. Here, polish my spear.

Lifts-Her-Tail: But it is huge! It could take me all night!

Crantius Colto: Plenty of time, my sweet. Plenty of time.

– End of Act IV, Scene III –

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