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The Library Of Dusk: Rare Books Lorebook

Collection:Coldharbour Lore
Location Notes:This lorebook is located in vicinity of The Lost Fleet (Lighthouse POI), northeastern Coldharbour.

Note: In order to reach this part of map, you need to progress with main Coldharbour quest line.

Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – On a wooden platform box, next to a lamp.

Coldharbour map

Lorebook text

Vault Twelve: Rare Book Collection



"The Athedorix Conundrums" by Mymophonus
— Nine portentous questions, with answers known to drive readers insane.

"The Hosiric Lays" by Unknown (poss. Calisos or Morachellis)
— Tales in epic verse recounting the Atmoran folklore of the Cyro-Nords.

"The Gwylim Praxis" by the Aureate Serpent
— Methods of draining magicka from intelligent creatures at the moment of death.

"The Third Scroll of Baan Dar" by Arkan
— How the great thief stole the "37th Lesson" from Vivec—before he could write it.

"The Letters of Alessia and Belharza"
— Intimate correspondence between the First Empress and the Man-Bull.

"Eleven OTHER Edicts of the Ten Ancestors" by the Heretic of Lindai
— A parody of the classic "Eleven Edicts" supposing the Ten Ancestors had worshiped Auri-El rather than Daedra.

"Numidium Blueprints" by Kagrenac the Engineer

"Conversations with the Heart of Lorkhan" by Pelinal Whitestrake
— Ruminations on the nature of the Aurbis. Warning: Probably apocryphal.

"The Southern Coast as Far as the Eastern Sea" by Topal the Pilot
— Sea logs of the great Aldmeri explorer.

"Insights" (pristine copy) by Shalidor the Arch-Mage
— A disquisition on the origin and nature of Dragons.

"The Alessian Doctrines: Original Manuscript" by the Monkey Prophet Maruhk
— Screed defining the dogma of the non-Elven nature of Akatosh.

"Studies in Aprocrypha" by Morian Zenas
— A summary of truths learned in Apocrypha that Zenas refuses to believe. In fourteen volumes.

"Epistolary Acumen" by The Transparent One
— Forbidden invocations of inimical Daedra.

"Grimoire" by Corvus Direnni
— Spell secrets of the mighty conjurer.

"The Tract of Merid-Nunda" (complete) by Anonymous
— Revelations on the nature of Meridia and the mistake of conflating her with the Star-Orphans.

"The Lusty Argonian Maid" (complete play)—Traditional
— Copy out for repair—accidentally damaged by Librarian.

"The Art of Love and Swordplay" by Fjokki the Bard
— The popular autobiography of the frisky Nord, Fjokki, whose exploits are unbelievable but strangely compelling. Not rare, but a perennial favorite here at the Library.

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