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Green Lady, My Lady Lorebook

Collection: Malabal Tor Lore
Location(s): Malabal Tor
Location Notes: In vicinity of Valeguard POI, eastern Malabal Tor.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – North-northeast of the Valeguard icon, lying on the ground next to a lit brazier.

Malabal Tor map

Lorebook text

Wake, my lady, your day has come
We’ll dress you in silk
Weave feathers in your hair
And tie leather slippers on your feet

Come, my lady, your love awaits
On this day, we’ll encircle
A banquet table now filled
With tonight’s succulent feast

Green Lady, my lady, come down
Your guests now are gathered
And bright, cheerful music plays
How blessed are Y’ffre’s children!

One thought on “Green Lady, My Lady Lorebook

  1. Shadoobie

    There is also one located west of Baandari Trading Post amongst the “Gold Coast” tents. Found mine on a bench near a cooking by the rivers shore.


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