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On The Detachment Of The Sheath Lorebook

Collection:Magic and Magicka
Location(s):Deshaan, Grahtwood, Stormhaven
Location Notes:Central Deshaan, located in Mournhold and its buildings.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Inside Mages Guild, its western wing. On a square table next to a window and a wardrobe.

Loc.1 – Settlement map location.

Loc.2 – Inside the Mournhold inn, inside the southernmost room, on a drawer next to a bed.

Loc.2 – Settlement map location.

Deshaan map

Location Notes:Can be found in vicinity of Tarlain Heights dolmen, northern Grahtwood.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Just east of Tarlain Heights Dolmen at a small camp site, lying on the ground, next to a backpack.

Grahtwood map

Image walkthrough:
Stormhaven map

Lorebook text

On the Detachment of the Sheath from the Integument

By Arch-Prelate Fervidius Tharn

Though all given Concavities, or sheaths within the integument of the Aurbis, are necessarily contained by the Aurbis, Right Reaching dictates that a defined sheath may be detached from the integument by invocation of Mnemoli. Upon intercourse with the star-orphan, the Beseeching Alesstic performs eversion of the organ of thought, an employment of the Hurling Disk that recapitulates the truth that a circle turned sidewise is a Tower. By same-truth, twisting the enveloping sheath into the middle dawn (to the number of seventeen) brings it to untime and unplace.

Eventualism, of course, predicts reabsorption upon depletion of the Wheeling Force, but the absence of duration may render even eventuality moot.

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