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Monomyth: The Myth Of Aurbis Lorebook

Collection: Divines and Deities
Location(s): Deshaan, Grahtwood
Location Notes: Found in Silent Mire houses and its vicinity, eastern Deshaan.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Found at Smuggler’s Slip POI, on a barrel, on a wooden platform.

Loc.2 – Inside the South Mire southwestern hut – Chanaius’ Hut, on a wooden table.

Loc.3 – Found on wooden crates next to two boats on a shore, east-northeast of Silent Mire.

Deshaan map

Location Notes: This lorebook is found in southwestern Grahtwood. In vicinity of Gil-Var-Delle POI(tree icon).
Image walkthrough:

Loc.2 – Close to a group of hostile humanoids.

Loc.2 – On ground, next to a skeleton.

Loc.3 – At the edge of a boulder, close to a group of hostile enemies.

Loc.3 – Next to couple of wooden barrels and a brown backpack.

Grahtwood map

Lorebook text

Subtitled "The Psijic Compensation," "Mythic Aurbis" was an attempt by Artaeum apologists to explain the basics of Aldmeri religion to the Emperor. It quietly avoided any blame or bias against the Lorkhan Concept, which was still held in esteem by the Cyrodiils as "Shezarr," the missing sibling of the Divines. Despite this, the Psijiici still give a nice summary of the Elder view, and it will serve our purposes here. This version comes from the archives of the Imperial Seminary from the handwritten notes of an unknown scribe.

Mythic Aurbis exists, and has existed from time without measure, as a fanciful Unnatural Realm.

"Aurbis" is used to connote the imperceptible Penumbra, the Gray Center between the IS/IS NOT of Anu and Padomay. It contains the multitude realms of Aetherius and Oblivion, as well as other, less structured forms.

The magical beings of Mythic Aurbis live for a long time and have complex narrative lives, creating the patterns of myth.

These are spirits made from bits of the immortal polarity. The first of these was Akatosh the Time Dragon, whose formation made it easier for other spirits to structure themselves. Gods and demons form and reform and procreate.

Finally, the magical beings of Mythic Aurbis told the ultimate story: that of their own death. For some, this was an artistic transfiguration into the concrete, non-magical substance of the world. For others, this was a war in which all were slain, their bodies becoming the substance of the world. For yet others, this was a romantic marriage and parenthood with the parent spirits naturally having to die and give way to the succeeding mortal races.

The agent of this communal decision was Lorkhan, whom most early myths vilify as a trickster or deceiver. More sympathetic versions of this story point out Lorkhan as being the reason the mortal plane exists at all.

The magical beings created the races of the mortal Aurbis in their own image, either consciously as artists and craftsmen, or as the fecund rotting matter out of which the mortals sprung forth, or in a variety of other analogical senses.

The magical beings, then, having died, became the et’Ada. The et’Ada are the things perceived and revered by the mortals as gods, spirits, or geniuses of Aurbis. Through their deaths, these magical beings separated themselves in nature from the other magical beings of the Unnatural realms.

The Daedra were created at this time also, being spirits and Gods more attuned to Oblivion or that realm closer to the Void of Padomay. This act is the dawn of the Mythic (Merethic) Era. It has been perceived by the earliest mortals many different ways, either as a joyous "second creation" or (especially by the Elves) as a painful fracturing from the divine. The originator of the event is always Lorkhan.

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  1. Gil

    Are you aware of a copy of this lorebook being available for the daggerfall covenant alliance before unlocking the rest of the map?

  2. shaun

    hey my way of giving something back to the eso community……
    the monomyth:the myth of arubis can be found just out side waywest at the undaunted enclave, jump behind the tent and its just near the cliffs…talk about under our nose lol peace happy gaming peeps ^_^


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