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The Wandering Skald Lorebook

Collection: The Rift Lore
Location(s): The Rift
Image walkthrough:
The Rift map

Lorebook text

Every library holds musty old tales
Carried through rain and snow
But a Nord skald gladly regales
What the poets all sang long ago

Every book has its title and name
But its pages soon turn to dust
A poem we sing will live on in fame
From a history all of us trust

Old tales come down from long ago
With inflection and meter and verse
Soon the skald’s audience will hap’ly know
"Yes, this life could be worse."

And the kings know that truth,
Is better than sword and shield
Taught from their distant youth
Skald Kings have wisdom to wield

So welcome me as a friend
For the poems I sing tonight
Will last for nights without end
From first mead to dawn’s early light!

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