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A Pretender In Naril Nagaia Skyshard

Southwestern Greenshade, east of nearby Woodhearth settlement and its wayshrine. In northeastern corner of Shademist Moors POI.

This shard is found inside Naril Nagaia public dungeon. Entrance and approach to this dungeon is on the southern side, close to water. Dungeon is populated with level 28 humanoid enemies. They usually come in groups of 2 or 3. This is one rather large public dungeon that is good for earning experience and gaining loot. The collectible is not in the last room as you might expect, so you might miss it on your way through the dungeon. It is located in the southwestern part of the dungeon. It is well tucked between a stone pillar with a metal top and a nearby wall, in the corner of the room.
Enemy that you want to kill for achievement and completion of Naril Nagaia is found in the last cave room. His name is Archmage Camaano. He stands on a large circular platform, next to Mercano’s Journal. This journal starts the quest “The Misuses of Knowledge“.

Find and enter Naril Nagaia public dungeon.

The dungeon entrance map location.

Reach southwestern part of the cave.

There, in a corner, you can grab the collectible.

Naril Nagaia skyshard map location.

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