Mural Mender Achievement – All 16 Fragment Locations

Mural Mender is one of the new achievements in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s part of the Elsweyr chapter, and it weighs 50 achievement points. In order to complete it, you’ll have to solve a bunch of riddles and find 16 mural fragments, which will allow you to repair the ancient Rithana-di-Renada mural in the House of Histories. If you’re not interested in solving the riddles, this guide will show you all 16 Mural Mender fragment locations.

elder scrolls online mural mender achievement

Song of Kingdoms quest

Before you can begin collecting the fragments, you’ll have to complete a quest called Song of Kingdoms. Go to Riverhold and head into the House of Histories. Go into the basement and talk to Iraya, the curator. She’ll tell you about the mural pieces being stolen and ask for your help. If you accept, she’ll give you a hint to help you get the first piece.

It will all be nicely marked on your map – you’ll have to go to the Tomb of Serpents, east of the city. After you explore it, you’ll find the Anequina fragment, and a ghost will tell you how you’re supposed to find the remaining fifteen. Go back to the House of Histories and present your findings to Iraya. She’ll give you the book filled with hints that point towards the locations of the rest.

Mural fragment locations

The book with the clues is supposed to point you towards the remaining fragments, but the hints can be hard to decipher. We’ve already put in the work, so if you’re not interested in riddles, just scroll down and you’ll find the locations of all the other fragments.

Riverhold Fragment Location

Deep in a shameful abode
Watched over by a golden flower
Riverhold sits patiently

Travel to the Star Haven wayshrine, southwest of Riverhold. There is a delve north of the wayshrine called Abode of Ignominy. Head inside and go to room with the altar, in the northeast. That’s where you’ll find the fragment.

Rimmen Fragment Location

Down in a grave where Dremora crawl
Two left, two right, three vases above
Rimmen’s legacy awaits

Teleport to the Hakoshae wayshrine, in the northeastern corner of Elsweyr. Head directly north, and you should run into a place called Rimmen Necropolis. It’s a public dungeon. Go to the room in the southwestern corner of the map, the one where the Forge Guardian boss is. You’ll find the fragment there.

Khenarthia Fragment

On the outskirts of Rimmen, by rebel’s camp
Ruins sit crooked atop a hill
Khenarthi waits within them

Go to the city of Rimmen and stand at the south gate. If you follow the walls a bit to the east, you’ll spot some ruins south of the city. The fragment will be there, but be careful – there are a couple of nasty minotaurs there.

Dune Fragment

East of a starry haven
Atop a hill, beneath stone arch
Dune is shaded from the sky

Travel to the Star Haven wayshrine southwest of Riverhold, then head east. Once you’ve passed the crossroads, keep looking to your right. You’ll spot a big stone arch soon enough. The fragment will be under it, as will a big scary ogre.

Verkarth Fragment

Beneath the ground, atop a mesa
Between white bones and chest of treasure
Verkarth has been tucked away

You’ll find this one at the Predator Mesa, on the western edge of the map. Once you enter the delve, head northeast, to the boss arena. There’s a cave below it – that’s where you’ll find the fragment.

Meirval Fragment Location

Prowl for a shard of the sky
Look west to the hidden crevice
Meirval waits by lantern bright

Follow the road southwest from the Star Haven wayshrine until you see some ruins on the right. Go to the cliffs behind them and look for a narrow passage. Follow it and you’ll find the fragment next to a tree.

Pellitine Fragment Location

On the path west of Merryvale
Past hanging bridge, up stone stairs
Pellitine waits between twin flame

Teleport to the Scar’s End wayshrine, in the southwest part of the map. Follow the road east until you’re past the striking locale, then look to the left. At a certain point, you’ll see a long staircase leading up to a tiny temple. Get up there, and you’ll find the fragment inside.

Alabaster Fragment

Where the desert sands sweep ruins
And the fanged necromancer prowls
At the edge of a scar shines Alabaster

Spawn at the Hakoshae wayshrine, south of Rimmen. Follow the road northwest until you reach the Scar’s Edge group boss. The last platform on the right before the boss arena is where you’ll find the fragment. You won’t see it from a distance, but it’s on a grave next to a single minotaur.

Senchal Fragment

High above a scar of ash
Shaded by a lone tent
Senchal hides from creeping dead

This one is hidden in the Bone Pit, the ruins north of Orcrest, in the middle of the map. Climb to the top of the hill overlooking the ruins, then head down the slop on your right. You’ll soon reach a tent with some Enthralled Zombies near it. The fragment will be in the tent.

Orcrest Fragment

In the smoldering embers
Of its ruined city
Orcrest lies shaded by stone shrine

As the name says, this one’s in Orcrest. When you enter the city, keep to the left wall. After you’re well into the area with the Flame Atronachs, you’ll spot a small stone shrine. The fragment will be next to it.

Corinthe Fragment

Scars weep for Corinth
Between two twisting trees
Where savannah grasses grow

This one’s also near Orcrest. It’s to the east, east of the Weeping Scar harborage. Look at the giant ornate bridge, then turn left and jump down the cliff. You’ll find the fragment between three baobab trees.

Helkarn Fragment Location

West of the Stitches, in canyon brown
Four pillars form together
With Helkarn at their center

Go to the Stitches wayshrine and head southwest. Once the dragon arena is in view, look for a canyon leading further into the cliff on your left. Follow it, and you’ll end up in a clearing with tall stone pillars. You’ll find the fragment on the ground.

Bruk’ra Fragment

At the center of the jungle’s tangle
A pillar stands, a pillar falls
And Bruk’ra soaks in cool waters

Teleport to the Tenmar Temple wayshrine, in the southeastern corner of Elsweyr. Follow the road north until you reach the Tangle delve. Go inside, and head into the lower central chamber – the flooded one, below the throne room. You’ll find the fragment behind the broken pillar, in the water.

Tenmar Fragment

A stone Khajiit guards Tenmar
As she worships dual Moons
Within the temple’s courtyard

Go back to the Tenmar Temple wayshrine and enter the temple courtyard. Stand in front of the temple entrance and look to the right. You’ll see a giant Khajiit statue there. The fragment will be behind it.

Torval Fragment Location

Torval sits in a hollowed stump
By the spring of Arkay’s lash
A nereid guards its murky waters

Teleport to the Scar’s End wayshrine, in the southwestern corner of the map. Follow the road north until you’re right before the ruins. Turn left at the last lantern and climb up the hill. Look for a wide tree stump – that’s where the fragment is.

18 thoughts on “Mural Mender Achievement – All 16 Fragment Locations

  1. ZoLatKam

    A few points of clarification:

    1. Like most (all?) of the Relic-type quests in ESO, the fragments may be collected without having the quest (Song of Kingdoms).

    2. There are only 15 actual fragments, unless you count the Anequina Fragment quest item (that doesn’t take up inventory space) you get from the Tomb of the Serpents.

    3a. After completing the aforementioned quest, & presuming you’ve the other 15 fragments in your inventory, said fragments, & the quest item, are automatically removed upon interacting with the mural on the basement wall.

    3b. Additionally, if you do decide to pick up all the fragments prior to completing the quest, once you complete “Song of Kingdoms”, you may need to leave the basement, & come back down, in order for Iraya to have the next quest.

    1. Christopher R Pyles

      I went outside, ran back in, clicked the mural, all 15 of my fragments are gone and the one npc still downstairs tells me to hurry and get the other fragments… I had all of them removed from my inventory and nothing happened.

      1. Brianne Ogg

        DId you ever figure out what happened? I just turned them all in (I kept a running tally), I had everything grabbed, put them all on the wall and they still aren’t happy….it shows one missing when I had grabbed ALL of them. Is there some way to determine which one THEY think is missing? It definitely isn’t 13 or 11 and that is the number that it looks like they think is gone…

    2. Allen Sibley

      Is there a way to see the name of the part I’m missing so I know we’re to go to look … bottom row third from end..

  2. Timothy Wagner

    Completed quest. All pieces are on wall. NPC’s are happy. NO MURAL FOR MY HOUSE! Sigh, went through all that for naught.

    1. Taranach

      Once you have completed the Mural, you must talk to Iralya again and do the quest for the Singing Crystal… It is fairly simple. Go to the Sugar Slingers lair and steal it back… do not alert anyone and you won’t get a bounty. Blade of Woe is most useful here… bring back the crystal and place it in the mural and you will get a nice piece of armor and the mural for your home… but you must follow up the mural with the Dinging Crystal quest to finish it off.

  3. Eve K

    The MURAL for your house is found in your house inventory, go to where the gallery stuff is at (like the Augur of the Obscure memento or the Fan of False-Face) and it will be in there for you to place it in your house. You have to be IN your house to place it. Press F5 when inside your house, go to PLACE, and it will be in there.

  4. A Player

    Collecting all of these mural pieces opens up the quest “The Singing Crystal”. Only by completing that quest and making the completed mural start singing, do you earn the mural for your home.

  5. DarkLotus31976

    Thank you!! Super helpful!! But no matter how many times i leave and return or log off and back in i never see iralya again to get the singing crystal quest.

  6. Jlh_xx

    Orcrest fragment isnt showing up in the location it’s supposed to be at . Very frustrating as it’s the only one I need to complete that achievement .

  7. Merphlex

    Does anyone else have the problem where the Alabaster Fragment isn’t there where it’s supposed to be? No matter what, I can’t find it. And I haven’t picked it up before I started the quest either.


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