Mining Sample Collector Achievement Locations

Mining Sample Collector is one of the new achievements in Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to find five mining samples left by prospectors around the caverns of Blackreach. If you’re having trouble finding Kelbarn’s, Inguya’s, Reeh-La’s, Adanzda’s or Ghamborz’s pouch, this guide will show you all five mining sample locations required for the achievement.

eso mining sample collector achievement locations

Kelbarn’s mining sample location

Teleport to the Dusktown wayshrine, then east. You’ll find Kelborn’s body, along with a pouch of mining samples, south from the ritual site, on a rocky outcrop near Gloomstalker Village.

Inguya’s mining sample

Start at the Dwarven Run wayshrine and go southeast, following the wall on your right. When you reach the Scraps delve, head south. There will be a body near the tunnel entrance. Read the letter and take the bag with the mining samples.

Reeh-La’s mining sample

Teleport to the Greymoor Keep wayshrine, then head northeast. Look for another dead body on the slopes near the gates of Bastion Sanguinaris. Next to the body you’ll find some work orders and a bag with the deceased’s mining samples.

Adanzda’s mining sample location

You’ll find Adanzda’s mining sample in the northeastern corner of the caverns, north of the Lightless Hollow wayshrine, halfway between it and the great lift. Look for a path that leads towards the cliff, off the main road. Follow it and you’ll find a bag and a letter, but no body this time – it seems Adanzda had fled.

Ghamborz’s mining sample

Before you can get the last sample, you’ll have to turn in the first four, so if you haven’t done that, make sure you do. Then head on down to Dusktown and take the road north, toward Greymoor Keep. When you reach the tunnel, you’ll see a giant cracked geode with a purple interior, and a body in the middle of the road next to it. Take the bag and the report, then head back to the quest giver for the big reveal.

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