Wrothgar Treasure Map Locations Guide

Wrothgar is a large area in Elder Scrolls Online, available to ESO subscribers and owners of the Orsinium DLC. It is located in northwestern Tamriel, just next to Rivenspire, Stormhaven and Bangkorai. In this guide, we’re going to show you ESO Wrothgar treasure map locations, to help you find and dig up all six Orsinium DLC treasures.

Wrothgar Treasure Map 1 – Mountain Passage

Wrothgar Treasure Map 1 TESO

  • Southern Wrothgar
  • Southwest from Graystone Quarry, east from Frostbreak Fortress, west from the Merchant’s Gate wayshrine.
  • While in this area, look for a stone structure that looks like a bee hive. There are two large trees nearby and a rock formation resembling the one on the treasure map. The dig spot is just before the small passage in this rock, closer to the mountain.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Wrothgar Treasure Map 2 – Deep Wood

TESO Wrothgar Treasure Map 2

  • Eastern Wrothgar
  • Northeast from Orsinium city, just north from King-Chief’s Throne (group boss), northwest from Coldperch Cavern (dungeon), southeast from Shatul Range and Shatul Wayshrine.
  • It is really close to the nearby group boss area. Find a tall, black boulder leaning to the side. The dig spot is just underneath it, almost as if the rock was there to protect it from bad weather.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Wrothgar Treasure Map 3 – Two Trees, One Boulder

Orsinium DLC TESO Treasure Map 3

  • Western Wrothgar
  • Just north from Shipwreck Cove (area of interest), east from Old Orsinium (group dungeon), northwest from the Great Bay wayshrine.
  • Go to the small island northeast from the nearby area of interest. You’ll find a rock formation there, along with the two trees shown on the treasure photo. Go to the larger tree and look for the dig site just next to it.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Wrothgar Treasure Map 4 – Withered Trunk

Orsinium DLC ESO Treasure Map 4

  • Northern Wrothgar
  • West from Morkul Stronghold, north from the Morkul Plain wayshrine.
  • Go toward the water, and look for a big dead tree. It’s on a rock, not the sandy beach. It’s hard to miss, as it is the only one in this area. From here, you can see the rooftops of the nearby stronghold.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Wrothgar Treasure Map 5 – Spiky Boulder

ESO Wrothgar Treasure Map 5 Picture

  • Northeastern Wrothgar
  • Southeast from Fharun Stronghold, south from The Mad Ogre’s Altar (group boss), northwest from the Two Rivers wayshrine.
  • The dig spot you’re looking for here is close to the main road and the wayshrine. The treasure photo is taken from near the river. The small, strangely-shaped boulder is between the two tall trees. The chest is hidden in the shadow of this boulder.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Wrothgar Treasure Map 6 – Rock Tree

Wrothgar Treasure Map 5 Picture TESO

  • Southwestern Wrothgar
  • South from Old Orsinium (group dungeon), northwest from Grudge-Rock Falls (area of interest), just northeast from the Siege Road Wayshrine.
  • Probably the hardest one to find. Once you’re at the Siege Road Wayshrine, go northeast. Several steps later you should be able to spot and recognize the scene from the treasure picture. The chest you’ll need to dig out is just next to this tree-giving rock.

Screenshot Walkthrough

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