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Gold Coast Treasure Map Locations Guide

Gold Coast is a new zone in Elder Scrolls Online, part of the Dark Brotherhood DLC. This area is located in southwestern Tamriel, just north from Malabal Tor. Just like any other DLC, you can only get to it if you’re a subscriber or you’ve bought the Dark Brotherhood DLC. In this guide, we’ll show you ESO Gold Coast treasure map locations, to help you find and dig out the two chests.

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Gold Coast, Hew’s Bane, Wrothgar Skyshards Added to Map

As the expansion’s release date draws near, we’re hard at work updating the site. One of the first things we’ve decided to update is the Skyshard locations map. It has been missing several areas for some time, and it was high time we rectified that. The map is now finally complete, with all the areas from the base game. We’ve added Hew’s Bane, Wrothgar & Gold Coast Skyshards to it, and we’re ready for the expansion to go live.

eso skyshards gold coast wrothgard hews bane

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