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Where Water Falls In The Western Plains Skyshard

Western Plains is a neat name for a Wayshrine positioned in the southwestern part of Southern Elsweyr. A long river dominates this part of the map, connecting the two shores. If you follow it downstream, you’ll eventually reach the Wayshrine and the shard.

There are three bridges on the river west from Senchal. Following the river downstream, you should pass by the southernmost one at the end. There’s a broken carriage on the river bank there, and a waterfall nearby. The shard is on a rock on top of this waterfall, overlooking the plateau below, with the Wayshrine in the distance.

If you come here in the morning, before the fog has lifted, the view of the area is just astounding. The trees with their beautiful crowns, mountain ranges in the distance, the orange rays of sun breaking through the fog – the developers did a great job. Maybe it’s because we are not used to looking up at the trees, but the way this spot is positioned so you’re forced to pan your view in a certain direction is what gets me.

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