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Held In A Corner By The House Of Troubles Skyshard

In the Northwestern part of the Auridon map is hidden another skyshard. From Greenwater Wayshrine go to the northwest corner of the map, until you come across the entrance to Mehrunes’ Spite, a public dungeon, marked as torch icon on the map.

As you enter the dungeon, turn right and follow this path. The farthest northeastern part of the cave is where you should find the shard. Continuing along this path you should also find the dungeon boss, Mati, located in the largest cave room. However, if you follow the path to your left when you enter the dungeon, you’ll get in contact with the boss first, then the shard.

Mehrunes’ Spite entrance Map Location.

In northeastern part of Mehrunes’ Spite.

Exact location of the dungeon shard.

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