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Gleaming Beacon, Ship-guide Skyshard

It’s located in the northern part of Auridon map, just below North Beacon POI (tower icon).

Go up the stairs until you reach the last floor of North Beacon Lighthouse. Path that leads to Lighthouse starts in southern part of North Beacon compound. Use stone stairs to climb up. Follow the path until you reach the platform where neutral NPCs fight hostile bandits. Pass them by, and continue over a wooden bridge. After a while, you will spot the North Beacon Lighthouse in the distance. When you enter the house, open the door towards the Lighthouse Overlook. “Gleaming beacon, ship-guide” is right there.

A path that leads towards North Beacon Lighthouse starts here.

Map Location of a North Beacon Lighthouse approach.

… and finally to the North Beacon Lighthouse.

While inside open Lighthouse Overlook Door.

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